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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Remote Learning



​​​​​​​Our Head of Remote Learning is Mrs Vicki Bell


Parent feedback emails:





Below is the minimum expectations chart drawn up using your feedback.  We are now using this each week to help us moderate provision across the school.








Here is what you have told us in our previous surveys.  

I have picked out general themes across the whole school - individual points have been shared with individual teachers.






ow many school parents responded?






What are parents loving across the school?

  • Having learning up early
  • Having drop in sessions with teachers in the morning to get children started
  • Work promptly and meaningfully marked
  • Teachers are supportive, caring and are going above and beyond for children


  • Where there are clear video lessons to explain the learning.
  • The fact that feedback is timely, encouraging and meaningful.  It is motivating children.
  • Having a variety in format; keeping things interesting for children.


  • The support that they have received from staff.
  • The encouragement that children have received from staff.
  • The quality and variety of work.
  • Interactions with the teacher.

What are parents suggesting we could try differently across the school?

  • Making sure live sessions don’t clash/ are at predictable times
  • More praise in feedback and via messages
  • Consistency in teacher interaction in different classes
  • Where it is hard to work out what is expected in a task or resources are hard to access.
  • There was one class where there was not adequate feedback being given.
  • Where there is a lack of variety in online/offline activities.
  • All parents keen to know what activities/talks each class will be doing in preparation for all children returning to address any worries they have.
  • Following the guidance we laid out regarding upload time and feedback – one class was identified.

What have we done as a result of this feedback?

  • We will put together a timetable schedule for live sessions and share this with parents to help them plan their day
  • All classes will share work schedule with parents the evening before
  • We discussed and raised awareness of praise in feedback – awareness of tone in written comments
  • We are setting a minimum expectation for teacher interaction that all teachers will follow.

 This general feedback was shared with staff in staff meeting and the more individual points were shared with individual staff via email.

  • Mrs Bell met went through each on-line classroom and then used these examples with staff to make the parent feedback clearer and explain what alterations could be made.
  • The specific points raised have been checked throughout the week.


  • Email was sent out directly to staff to ask them to share information about what activities and talks they were offering to help children who might be feeling anxious about returning.  This theme was followed up in all classes.
  • Individual support and checks were given in the class where guidance was not being fully implemented.