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Charlie and the Chocolate factory

26th March 2020

Sorry guys, I got camera shy! frown But here is the next chapter of Charlie and the chocolate factory.I have included it as text because I want you to answer some questions. Remember, in guided reading we always refer back to the text when answering questions!

Read the following chapter (or ask someone to read it to you) and then answer as many questions as you can. You can write these down, highlight them in the text, say them out loud or even have a quiz with someone else in your house and see who can get the most points! Let me know how you get on- I can post video's too! smiley


23rd March 2020

As a class, we have been reading Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' with Mrs Bell and really enjoying it! If you have a copy at home, it would be lovely if you could keep reading this with your child. If not don't worry, I will be posting clips of me reading the story and some follow up questions/activities as much as I can!  


So far, we have read to the end of Chapter 10, where the weather has got colder and Charlie and his family have began to starve. We found this part really sad and had lots of discussions about how hard it must be for Charlie and his family. But then, Charlie found 50p glinting on the floor at the side of the road. He has decided that he will buy just one bar of chocolate and save the rest of the money for his family so that they can buy some more food. 


Until we can find out what happens next, please draw a picture of Charlie-the boy who loves chocolate but rarely has any- outside of the chocolate factory. Write words around your picture to describe his senses and emotions. Remember, Charlie hasn't found a golden ticket yet, so think about how he is feeling at this point in the story.


I will upload chapter 11 soon! smiley