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Monday 20th April

Monday 20th April

Hello Kestrel Class! I hope you have all had a good Easter and are looking forward to another week of home learning. Today, I have a spelling task for you, some work on time for Maths and  some art for topic. I hope you enjoy them! Remember to email me any pictures of your learning or any messages to your friends to


I have also provided above a printable version of all of all of today's core work, but check back on the page for additional resources and games.


Happy learning! smiley


English: Spelling


For your task today, I would like you to practice your spellings and write a sentence for each one.

Choose a level of task based upon how much you would like to challenge yourself:


Level: Your task is to write a sentence for each spelling in your neatest handwriting in your book/paper.


Level 2: Write a sentence for each spelling using the conjunctions: and, but, so to extend your sentences.


Level 3: Write a sentence for each spelling using the conjunctions when, if, that or because.



Additional resources


Do you need more homophone practice? Check out for some more games and activities, or try these worksheets and powerpoint.

Or would you like to learn a little more about conjunctions so you can up-level your work? Look at these games to remind you of how we use them to extend our sentences.


You could also try these worksheets to make you a conjunctions expert! 


Maths:Tell the time to o’clock and half past.


This week, you could carry on with the White Rose Daily lessons. They are fantastic and provide great coverage. If you are looking for something different, or even something additional, follow these lessons to learn how to tell the time instead! We need to be able to know to the nearest 15 minutes. Even better if we know to the nearest 5 minutes (especially year 3s!).


During this time, it would be lovely if you made your children ‘in-charge’ of time, they must tell you when something needs to come out the oven or what time a TV programme starts etc. Doing lots of practical will help them embed the learning.


At school, before each maths lesson we start off with a problem to warm up our brains. Each starter will be a word problem to work out. Try this one to get you into a maths mindset!


 Starter: Hugo is having a birthday party and has 32 bouncy balls to put into the party bags. There are 8 people coming to his party. How many bouncy balls will they get each?


Now watch the following clip:


Still image for this video

Top tip: Your 5 times table will help you learn the time as the numbers go up in fives on the clock. Make sure you practice these lots!





When the big hand is pointing to the 12, it means it is (something) o'clock. (You know which hour by looking at the small hand!)


Have a go at writing what time is displayed on the clock:





Half Past


When the big hand is on the 6, this means it is half past. 

For example, this shows half past 1 or 1:30 as the big hand is on the 6 and the little hand is just past the 1. 





Have a go at writing what time is displayed on the clock:




Think you've got the hang of it? Try these challenges to check your knowledge! 





Find all of these challenges here if you want to print them:

Keep practicing! Here are some more time sheets for you to try if you wish. :)


Andy Goldsworthy, Natural Sculptures



Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist. He lives in Scotland. He uses natural materials to make scupltures in sites in and around the UK. He has made them in forests, farms, fields, cities, mountains and more.





Sometimes they last for a long time, other times they last only days.

Can you make some natural sculptures like Andy Goldsworthy?


You could use: leaves, bark, sticks, mud, flowers, stones, feathers, sand, light, reflections and shadows. He often makes spirals, circles, swirls and arches.



Send in pictures of your finished masterpiece and we will hopefully be able to make a gallery! 

60 second challenge


Keep active with today's 60 second challenge!