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Pupil Wellbeing

Updated 20/05/22


Somerset Wellbeing Survey.


In the summer term, our school took part in the Somerset Wellbeing Survey.  This is a comprehensive piece of work where children from Year 2, 4 and 6 complete questions about their happiness and wellbeing.


As a school, we are able to access our own results and the average figures from the primary schools across Somerset.  This allows us to see areas where we have strengths and those where we need to do more work.


Below are some of the key results:

Our strengths

School result

Somerset average

If they are worried, our children know they have someone to talk to



Very few of our children are worried about their school work or homework



Very few of our children feel they have to keep their worries to themselves



There were no children who did not feel safe in school



Children are finding their RSHE lessons on subjects like ‘keeping their bodies safe’ useful (there were many areas that scored high here)



Lots of our children had not experienced other children unkind to them in any way




Our next steps

School result

Somerset average

When our children our worried they are likely to eat more



Our children are less likely to use resilience strategies like talking out their problems

63% didn’t answer

There are children in school who are not telling adults if someone is unkind to them



Children in our school did not know how bullying was dealt with



Children want to have a voice about how they learn in school



A lot of our children are regularly drinking energy drinks at home



A high number of our children had not done any exercise over the week





As a result of the information in the survey we have decided to:

1) Work with our parents and families to help children make healthier life style choices

2) Have a focus through the school on bullying, what it is and the actions that children should take if they are aware of it

3) Put new systems in place so that children need to have more of a voice and feel more involved in decisions at the school.

Area 1: Healthy Choices

In the second half of the Summer term we are starting a topic on healthy living and healthy choices.  We are going to use this as a vehicle to ensure that our pupils understand how to make healthy eating choices.  We will also seek to maximise links with home.

Our student voice group have revised our rules on snacks at school and are currently working on a new lunchbox policy.

Area 2: Understanding Bullying

  • In assembly 04/02/22 we learnt:
  • What the term 'bullying' means
  • What do do if we are being bullied or someone is being unkind to us
  • What to do if we see someone being bullied
  • How the school deals with bullying

We have re-visited this on several occasions and our student voice group has written a letter on this subject to parents.  We have displayed this in one of our playground display boards.

Area 3:  Student Voice

We have an active student voice group who are involved in all areas of our school planning from our school meals, equipment purchasing, school trips, curriculum changes and they act as our pupil wellbeing champions.


Our student voice group also collect feedback from children in their class and act as a sample group for opinions on school decisions.  They also communicate with our parent group through letters written to communicate and changes they are making.


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