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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’


Welcome to our RSHE page.

Here you will be able to see what we have been learning about in our Relationship and Health lessons. 


This term we are learning all about 'Living in the wider world and being a good citizen'.

10.06.21 Today we talked about our 'digital footprint' and then discussed the importance of being mindful and respectful online. We learned about how historical posts can still have an impact many years later, on both other people and ourselves. We looked at and discussed recent cases of this with high profile sportsmen and the negative repercussions of their actions.  

22.04.21 Today we watched a short film about a group of children in a playground  and then discussed the importance of empathy  and how  we can be more empathetic in our lives. We revisited our class commitment charter and also discussed how we are applying it within the classroom.

24.3.21 - Today we had a discussion all about our behaviour and responsibilities online and how we can be held accountable for our actions online.

19.3.21 - Today was Comic Relief. We had a think about, if we could have one magical power to make the world a better place, what would it be. We had some brilliant ideas and a big chat about how money might not be the best super power!

As we started back this week, we spent some time talking about Commitment. We decided as a class that we are going to commit this term to being empathetic towards our classmates.

On our first day back to school we had a discussion about how special we all are and how important it is that we recognise each others' amazing, unique qualities. We set ourselves the challenge of writing something kind about every person in the class to make them feel appreciated and special. What a fab way to get back into the Hobby class groove!
This week we have been taking part in Anti bullying week and have turned ourselves into 'Anti bullying Super heroes!'

Last week we talked about E-safety and how to keep ourselves safe online. We then made our own posters displaying all the information we had  discussed.