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Picture of the day

Tuesday 'The Clock Tower'



Sentence challenge!


Can you use similes to describe the scene?

(Remember similes compare an object to something else that is similar, for example 'the sky was grey like an elephants skin)


The rain poured down like...

The closely packed umbrellas looked like...

The red umbrella stood out like...

The spikes of the umbrellas stood up like...

Monday: Canine Catastrophe



Suddenly, the wind gusted and Sammy was lifted higher and higher until his owner Beth could hang on no more… “Owwoooooooo!” yelled Sammy, as the world below him drifted further and further away. Up…Up…Up…He went, until Beth was just a tiny dot; an ant far beneath him!


Can you continue this story about the dog that floated away? Can you describe what the dog sees as he is floating away? Where does he finally land? Does he manage to get back home?