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Every day Twinkl are doing live sessions of Phonics. This is scheduled in from 9:30-10:30. I am going to tune in tomorrow to see how useful I think these are. Please email me your thoughts about these sessions and whether the children have enjoyed them. This might then help other parents decide whether they will schedule this in each day. 


This link also provides suggested activities for each day that the children might like. You could get them to choose one task a day from this that they would like to do.

I have included an activity to do each day practising different diagraphs as they will not have RWI. I have suggested days for each of these activities, use your judgement to decide whether they need to revise the same sound the next day. Let me know if they are having any difficulty with any sounds and I will get back to you with more resources to help. I will also attach a sound mat to help with spelling, writing and reading on this page and on a general resources page. Please get them to revise these speed sounds every day.