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Wednesday 22nd April

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning Kestrels! I have had some really good feedback about the format of this weeks work so far, so I think I will continue doing it like this! I have put on a picture with some questions and expanded noun phrase work for English today, and in maths we are continuing with time to the nearest 5 minutes. I haven't put on additional work today to give you all time to get started with your Mary Anning project, but have added some nice colouring sheets in case your windows aren't full enough already with your beautiful crafts! Maybe you could also use this time to go on to TT Rockstars and contribute to our class battle, so far Eagles are way ahead! 

Have a great day! smiley


English: picture and questions


Today I would like you to look at the image and answer the questions below.




Most visitors are a little shocked when they arrive at Animal Town. Despite the fact that the name of the town gives people an idea, they don’t believe it!


This whole town is run by the animals. It might be strange to see the orang-utan behind a desk in the police office making sure people obey the law or even seeing the lion act as a doctor.


  1. What animals can you see in the picture?
  2. Where do you think the animals have been? Or where could they be going?
  3. Which animal looks the friendliest and why?
  4. What job do you think the zebra would have in this town and why?
  5. Do you think there would be any problems in a world that is run by animals?


Sentence Challenge:

Using our fantastic adjectives, I would like you to create as many expanded noun phrases from the picture above.


Here is one format you could use:

a _________, _________, (noun) with (a) ________ ________

        adjective        adjective                                               adjective              noun



a powerful, hungry dragon with sharp claws


Or you could make it more complex and tell me where the noun is too!


For example: The ferocious, hungry lion lay patiently on top of the vintage, yellow campervan.


Watch this clip to remind you how to use expanded noun phrases :) 

Still image for this video

Maths: Tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes



Today you are going to be really good your 5 times table as we will be counting in lots of 5. Jack Hartmann can help you with that!

Still image for this video
Now watch the following clip to help you with applying this to telling the time.

Still image for this video

See if you can complete this grid to get us started:



Have a go at writing the time for these clocks shown:

'Past' the hour


'to' the hour


Match up the clocks to their time:


Colouring Pages

Maybe you could leave one of these out for the postman/binman etc. I'm sure it will make their day!