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Good evening all,


Now that plans are finalised and word has got out to the affected families, I thought I would just keep you in the loop about what could possibly be happening after the half term holidays. 


Since the government has decided that schools will reopen for a number of children on June 1st, we have been working hard to put plans in place to ensure the safe return to school for children in Reception, year 1 and Year 6, as well as maintaining the provision we have in place for key worker families and vulnerable children. As we are required to have children taught in smaller groups, this means that it's all hands on deck for the teaching staff! 


I will now be teaching the year one children Monday-Thursday. The school will be closed on Fridays in order for class teachers to have some time to contact their classes and have zoom calls if they wish.


I want to reassure you that despite my commitments to the Year One class, I will still be as available to you as I can be. I will be continuing with regular group zoom calls on Friday at 2pm. I also intend continue with storytime on a Wednesday but have not finalised how that will look (I will either zoom from class where we  will all share the story, or will move it to 3.30 after those children have left). I will catch up with individual zoom calls at the end of the school day. 


In terms of emails, I will respond to these as frequently as time allows. Please don't stop sending them. Hearing what your children have been up to really has kept me going over the past couple of months! I will upload your photo's to keep you in contact with your friends, although they might not go up straight away. 


I will also continue with uploading the work each day in the same way that I have been. This has proved to be the method that most parents have preferred so I don't want to change that.


I know that there is probably a lot of talk about what will be happening in school over the next few weeks, so I just wanted to reassure you that I will be keeping things as consistent as possible for your children. For them, effectively nothing needs to change. 


Although it is half term, I will still do the zoom call on Wednesday this week in case things are a bit to hectic on the first week back for me to fit this in!  


If you have any questions/concerns about this, please to not hesitate to get in contact.


Have a lovely half term.


Mrs Bell 🙂 


Good evening all!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had some lovely news at the end of last week as the incredibly cute Taliah Grace Meyers finally decided to make an appearance! Find the pictures on our news page here:


As always, there has been a great amount of photo's and updates sent in and I am incredibly grateful to be able to see what the children have been up to. I am missing them all lots, so keep them coming!


This week, there are lots of learning activities available on the website and these can be found here:


We also have a zoom story on Wednesday read by the lovely Darcy, and a zoom game on Friday. Both of these will be at 2pm. However, if you'd like a catch up at any other time please just drop me an email. 


We have some lovely new additions to our story corner as the amazing Tia-Jo and Libby have sent in fantastic videos of them reading their favourite stories. It wasn't easy getting videos sent over as they are quite large, so if you have made a video and it won't send, please let me know and I will try and help. It would be lovely to get some more additions to our story corner so keep them coming! Our story corner can be found here:

Have a fantastic week and don't forget to get in touch with any updates, photo's or questions.


Mrs Bell 🙂



Today, I will be thinking of Max. A  young man with an infectious smile who showed such strength and courage throughout his short life. Max was an inspiration to all of those that knew him. I will also be thinking of his family, particularly Zak, Gemma and Adam. Please join us out on your pavements if you would like to pay your respects to Max and mark his final journey through the village. I know that everyone, even those that did not know this very special boy, will hold him and his family in their thoughts today. 





Good evening all! 


In someways, it seems like a lifetime since I saw all the smiling faces of your lovely children, but in others it's hard to believe that we are now in week 8 of home learning.


As I write this, I am watching BBC news and hearing about the latest developments and what that means for schools (yes, we find out at the same time as everyone else!). It looks as though, as we are year 2s and 3s, Kestrel class will be continuing in this format for a while longer. 


I know that some of you were hoping for a different outcome and were keen to get your children back into the routines of school, and others will welcome the news. However you feel about it, rest assured that we are in this together and you will continue to get the support that you need. You are all doing amazingly well, keep going! 


Thank you for all of the lovely pictures and messages I have received this week. It was great to see your lovely work, great activities and fantastic VE day decorations. You can find these pictures here:


This weeks learning will continue to be uploaded daily and can be found here:

We will be having our online story on Wednesday at 2pm and gametime on Friday at 2pm. If you have any new ideas please let me know! I would also love if children could send in their own videos of them reading a story. 


Also, don't forget that if you would like to pay your respects to Max, people in the village are invited to stand on their doorsteps between 11-12 on Tuesday as he passes through. Some of you might like to pick some wild flowers for Max whilst out on your daily walk or draw a card for him.  Any flowers/cards & messages can be left at the school. 


I hope you all have a lovely week.


Keep safe


Mrs Bell 🙂  


Good evening all!


Every day seems to be blurring into one at the moment, but somehow we are now moving into our seventh week of home learning!


Firstly I'd like to apologise to all of those I haven't been able to get back to from last week. I fulfill a number of other roles at the school and these took up a lot more of my attention this week, but have finally started to get through the backlog. I really appreciate all of your emails and updates so keep them coming! I have updated the website with your news even if I haven't managed to reply to you. We have some lovely updates for you to enjoy this week! A special shout out goes to Danny with his Joe Wicks inspired fitness video! Find them here: 


Last week, I set a challenge from the British Legion and would really appreciate some entries from Kestrel class. Please find the details here:


V.E. Day drawing challenge


We have been asked by the Royal British Legion to take part in a local Schools' drawing competition to celebrate VE Day 75th Anniversary on Friday 8th May.

The British Legion had planned a big celebration for this date but sadly they have had to postpone it, so this competition was a way for them to reach out to the community and engage with all of you guys.


To enter the competition you need to draw a picture depicting the day 75 years ago when WW2 officially ended in Europe.

Please can you email all entries to me by Friday 8th May and then I will send them on for judging.

There will be a KS1 and KS2 winner across all the schools taking part and they will win a £25 book voucher each.



Here are some British Legion resources:


Here is a link to learn more about VE day:


Learning tasks for tomorrow are on the website as well as some further tasks for the children to enjoy. You can find these here:


Don't forget our virtual story time on Wednesday and game on Friday, I will send out invites on the day. Let me know if any of you would like any more individual/small group virtual chats this week too! 

Have a great week, I can't wait to hear what you have all got up to! 


Keep safe,


Mrs Bell 🙂 x


Welcome back to another week of home learning! This week, we will continue with the same format as we did last week, with daily English and Maths tasks and some longer tasks to do in your own time. I haven't seen any Mary Anning projects so far so will extend this learning for another week. You can find this here:


In English, this format will be as follows:

Monday: Spelling

Tuesday: Grammar

Wednesday: Picture and questions (+story time at 2pm on Zoom)

Thursday: Reading comprehension

Friday: Vocabulary (+game time at 2pm on zoom)


I have also included a 'picture of the day' section to use as a writing stimulus for something a little different. This will give the children the opportunity to get their creative writing juices flowing!


Alongside this, remember to continue reading every day. You could use BugClub books to do this (get in contact if you have forgotten your login details)


Check out the story corner for a very special story this week, as Miss Hurley reads Spinderella for you all to enjoy! Find this here:


Also, don't forget the online links provided in the first week of school closures. You can find these at the bottom of the page here:


Have a great week and keep sending me pics of what you are up to. If there are any great ideas about a game/ quiz for Friday please send it in, otherwise we will do another scavenger hunt using a different theme. 


Keep safe,


Mrs Bell  x


Happy Friday everyone!

This afternoon, we will be doing a scavenger hunt on zoom! Please follow the link to take you to the meeting.

Please make sure you have a pen and paper handy!


I look forward to seeing lots of you later 🙂 


Good Morning all!


Don't forget, out TT rockstars battle ends tomorrow. Lets try and have a real push so that we can close the gap between us and Eagle class today!


Top tip: If you are playing the 'garage' game, click on the little arrow below where it says 'play solo' and you can increase the time limit to give you a little more thinking time! 


Please be aware that we will be having a kestrel class scavenger hunt tomorrow at 2pm. I will send invites out in  the morning so keep an eye out for them!


 Have a great day today.


Mrs Bell 🙂 


Good afternoon all! 


Today, I thought it would be lovely to have a class story time! We will do this over zoom at 3.30pm.

Just before this time, Click on the link to the video chat and it should take you straight there! Make sure you turn on the audio and video! 


Mrs Annals had a fantastic idea to do a class scavenger hunt, so I will set this up for Friday after everyone gets their technical glitches out of the way today! Hopefully story time and game time can then become a regular part of your week. 


I can't wait to see you all then! Fingers crossed it works! 


Love Mrs Bell 🙂 



Good evening all!


This week the BBC are supporting us in our approach to home learning by making daily educational TV programmes and activities that support the national curriculum, particularly in the areas of Maths and English. I have checked out the page and think it looks really good! It has lots of clips to explain concepts, games, TV programmes and activities. Unfortunately, these don't quite line up with the scheme of work we have used at school so some areas may have already been covered. This doesn't matter though as it is always good to revise old learning.You can find the site here, just click on your child's year group:


I will keep track of these lessons each day as well as updating the website with new learning in case you have any questions. At times, if I find a particularly interesting lesson, I may direct you to the BBC site as part of the days learning.


I am aware that there is a lot out there and it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the information, so if you are already in a good routine feel free to disregard this message!

BBC iplayer also has a 20 minute lesson every day available online or on your red button. It was very active today, with dancing, maths and a story time! If you don't want to use the website for activities, I would still highly recommend these each day:


These are especially handy if you do not have access to a computer if you watch via the red button on your TV!


Let me know what you think about them, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Mrs Bell 🙂 


Good morning Kestrel Class!


Welcome back to the summer term!


I hope you all had a fantastic Easter, it was lovely to be able to get out into the garden in the sunshine. Although I may have to ramp up the daily exercise now I’ve eaten so much chocolate!


I have uploaded some more work onto the website which you can find here:


This week, I have tried to do things a little differently to make things easier to find. Instead of splitting the page into subjects, I have put new tasks on for each day that cover English, Maths and topic work. There is also a longer weekly task available.  I hope this makes things easier to navigate! Initially, I was trying to ensure that work could be completed even if you did not have access to a printer. Many of you said that you prefer to work from printed pages so I have ensured that there is a printable version of each daily webpage available. Please let me know what you think. I want to ensure that resources are easy to access so please send me a message to let me know if this helps. Your feedback would be appreciated. 


It would also be good to hear what work you are accessing, even if it not from the website, in order to tailor the learning to what you all need and want. I’m quite happy to mix things up and do things differently if that is what people prefer.

I had a lovely zoom chat with some of you yesterday and it really was a highlight of my Easter! It would be lovely to do this a little more often. I am going to set up a zoom meeting this week where I will read the next chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate factory and we can all chat about it, just like we do at school! It would be great if lots of you could get involved.


I am also very happy to talk to the children about their learning, or just for a catch up, 1:1 via zoom. Please email me if you would like this and we can set it up.


I have had lots of lovely emails from you all and they are very much appreciated. These have all been uploaded on to the website and the page looks great! I love looking through it and seeing all of your smiling faces and brilliant learning! These updates from your friends can be found here:

Please keep sending them in over the coming weeks. I know that this is the most popular part of our page and everyone wants to see what their friends are up to!


Finally, well done to all of those that have been on Timestable Rockstars. 84% of Kestrel class have logged on and have earned coins. This is the best uptake for any class in the whole school! Well done Kestrels! Leo H has now stormed into the lead and has a massive 18,446 coins. It’s going to take a lot of times tables to knock him off the top spot! In our battle, Kestrel Maths group 2 were triumphant on both weeks with over 1000 points each time. Please find attached certificates for the MVPs!

These are:

Week Ending Friday 3rd April


First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Kestrel 1



Lexi Rose



Leo H

Leo M


Week ending Saturday 18th April


First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Kestrel 1


Mrs Deabill


Kestrel 2

Leo H




This week, I have set up a battle against Eagle class. I know that they are the year group above but I’m confident we’ll be the champions!


Have a great week everyone and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.


Keep safe,

Love Mrs Bell smiley x


Today marks the end of this term and the beginning of the Easter holidays. It has been a very strange ending to this term and I want to thank you all for being so patient and understanding. Take this time to relax, regroup (eat lots of chocolate!) and get back to the home learning again on April 20th.


You have all now had 2 full weeks of home learning and you are all doing a fantastic job! Thank you to all of those that have sent photos and updates. I cannot stress enough how much these mean to us. To go from spending so much time with your children to not seeing them at all is a bit of a shock to the system! It’s great to hear how they are doing and what they have been getting up to.


During the holidays, I will not be regularly updating the website, but still welcome your emails and photos. I will be checking these and will respond, but possible not as quickly as I have been. If you are having any issues with the website or have any thoughts/difficulties with the work set, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


If you have got into the swing of home learning and would prefer to continue, there are plenty of activities available on the website. This can be found here:

All previous learning will also be there for you to go back to if you wish.


Finally, thank you to Mrs Annals. I can’t take the credit for creating a lovely poster for Miss Booth! Miss Booth will be sorely missed and I know I speak for everyone when I wish her lots of luck and best wishes for the future.  She still has access to class emails and the website over the holidays so will be checking in with what you are all up to.


Have a lovely Easter and I hope to see you all soon.

Have fun and keep safe,

Love Mrs Bell 🙂



Hi Kestrel Class,


I would like to say a  HUGE THANK YOU! for the lovely photos you have taken and the amazing drawings you have been working on for me. It was such a lovely surprise to come into school this morning and see the poster Mrs Bell has created for me, with them all on. I have really enjoyed teaching you all and really miss you. I'm very proud of how hard you have all been working this year and at home. I will call in and see you when we are out and about again!


I hope you have a lovely Easter and eat lots of chocolate!


Love Miss Booth x



I had a lovely email from Lilly-Mai today pointing out that you couldn't print the dinosaur and Lirpaloof bird pictures straight from the page. Sorry about that! Links are now available on the pages, or find them here!!:



Good morning Kestrels! I hope you have all had a great weekend. Check out the new activities available for this week here:


I have left last weeks learning so you can still access anything you might not have seen yet. 


Remember, Miss Booth has set up a TT Rockstars battle, so try to get on and contribute to your teams points. You can also set up a battle against your friends (or teachers!). If you have an ipad/iphone you can download the app for easy access. 


As always, I'm only a message away if you need anything or want to share your fabulous learning!


Have a great day and keep safe,


Mrs Bell smiley




We have launched a Times Tables Rock Stars battle! Our class have been split into two teams. The aim is for your team to earn coins by correctly answering times table questions.

The programme is really clever - it will choose the times tables for you, based on the ones you need to learn. 


To play - log into TTRS - you can email us if you forget your password.

To play, enter the 'garage' and play as normal - coins collected will contribute to your teams score.


Along the top are the battle statistics, so you can see how your team are doing.


You have until 9am on Friday 3rd April. 

Good luck!!


Miss Booth smiley


Here is a times table grid to help you:



Good Morning Kestrels and happy Friday!


The sun is shining and everyone has completed their first full week of home learning. I hope it is going well for everyone. Thank you to all of those that have sent emails telling us what you have been up to, we very much appreciate them! Any pictures that have been sent in so far can be found here:


If your child is reluctant to complete their work, don't panic! Take the pressure off and come back to it on another day. Please remember, there is absolutely no pressure to complete all, or any of the work provided. Don't compare yourself to others or spend all day tied to a desk if that's not what your children need. You know your children best! They will learn just as much by doing some gardening, cooking or art activities.  


Remember that each child has a Timestable Rockstars and Numbots login so you can always sneak in some learning whilst they are completing these fun activities! Currently, Jacob is leading the way and has lots of coins!


Have a great weekend and there will be plenty of new activities available for them on Monday.


Keep safe,


Mrs Bell smileyx


Every day from 9am, do your daily workout with Joe Wicks!

20th March

Please check out 'Mrs Garbett assemblies and information' to see Jack's star of the week!!