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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’


Hello lovely Ospreys,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you managed to get outside for some fresh air and exercise. Here’s to WEEK 7 of home learning!!

Missing you all lots,

Miss Grant



This week, we are going to base our work on an imaginary under-water land. Your first challenge is to draw a map of your underwater city. You’ll need to invent some species of plants (they might have teeth, or grow slices of pizza or walk about on the bottom of the ocean). You will also need some creatures so think about what they do for fun. Is there a bowling alley, or theme park, or sports stadium? What do the children do? Is there a school, or playground or toys? What do they eat? Make sure there’s a food source for them (smaller animals, a swim-through KFC, candy floss sea trees…). There are plenty more things to think about such as; where do the inhabitants live? Is there a transport system? How do humans visit? Do they have pets? Do they have a leader? What is your underwater world called? Make sure you label the drawing of your city. 



Today we are going to practise our Factor pair knowledge (2 numbers that multiply together to answer a given number). Try this practise first, go careful because it doesn’t let you use 1 and itself!

Now you can try this challenge to find the HCF (highest common factors):

*Year 5s, you have an extra challenge today – explain to someone at home what a prime number is.


Topic - PSHE

Some very exciting news reached us on Friday - Mrs Meyes has had her baby!! If you have a look at Hobby's page you will see some gorgeous photos. 

Today I thought it would be a nice activity to write a letter or draw a card to congratulate her and welcome her new baby girl. Send them to me via email so that I can collate them and pass them on to her!