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Monday 11th May

Good morning Kestrels! This week for spelling, I have tried to provide more of a variety of activities to keep you all interested. If you have been enjoying writing sentences for each of you new words, please feel free to continue with this though! In maths, we will be doing some place value activities, before continuing to learn our colours in French. I hope you all have a lovely day smiley

English: Spelling


This week, we are looking at the suffixes -ment, -ness and -ful. A suffix is a group of letters at the end of a word that changes it's meaning. 


If a suffix starts with a consonant letter, it is usually added straight on without changing the root word.


enjoy+ment      play+ful      sad+ness


(exceptions: To add -ment to the word ‘argue’, you must remove the ‘e’ before adding the suffix.)



However, if the root word has more than one syllable and end in a –y with a consonant before it, replace the '-y' with an 'i' and then add the suffix.



Your spellings for this week follow these rules. First practice spelling your new words:



Now try these activities to practice your new words (you can do the word jumble on paper if you are going printer free, the wordsearch may be a bit trickier!)




Finally, practice your beautiful cursive handwriting with your new words:


Maths: Place Value, Read and Write Numbers to at least 100




In Year 2 we need to be able to read and write numbers to at least 100 represented in both numbers and numerals. Year 3s need to be able to go to at least 1000.


Fill in the grid below.



We will now look at the representations of the number. Can think of lots of different ways we could represent different numbers? In class we might use: Numicon, Tens Frame, Tens and Ones or our bundle sticks. Fill in the grid below.



Challenge Question:

It’s really important we can explain our thinking and to reason as to why we think our answers are right or wrong. Does this show 63?



For more work on representing numbers, try these BBC bitesize lessons: 

Year 2:

Year 3:


Last week, we learnt our colours in French to colour a rainbow. Do you remember them? Watch this clip to refresh your memory and then try the following activities.

French Colours @The French Minute




Why not try learning this French song now you have mastered your colours! 

French colors - Couleurs - J'aime les voitures - alain le lait (car, truck)