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Monday 4th May

Happy Monday everyone! Today we have some spellings for English (I bet you are all getting very good at homophones now!) and some number facts for Maths. Our extra task today is some graffiti art. I had lots of fun creating my own! Make sure the graffiti stays on paper not on the walls though! 


I have also included our picture of the day in case you want to have a go at that too.


Happy learning! smiley

English: Spelling


For your task today, I would like you to practice your spellings and write a sentence for each one. Make sure that you understand the meaning of each of the words! 

Choose a level of task based upon how much you want to challenge yourself:


Level 1: Your task is to write a sentence for each spelling in your neatest handwriting in your book.

Level 2: Write a sentence for each spelling using the conjunctions: and, but, so to extend your sentences.

Level 3: Write a sentence for each spelling using the conjunctions when, if, that, or, because.



Extra challenge: Here is a poster to explain the different meanings of you, ewe and yew. Can you make your own to show the different meanings of other homophones?




Maths Addition and subtraction (Number Facts)



We need know both our addition and subtraction facts up to 20 and be able to use them really quickly. Once we know these, they help us know the facts up to 100. Have a go at completing the fact family below:




Now see if you can write your own number sentences for these ones. Both subtraction and addiction:





We can use the facts that we know to 20 to help us with facts to 100. For example:



Complete the sentences below. If you need more practice, get a grown up to write you some more!





Why not try this interactive game to help you learn your fact families:

Or try this sheet for more practice! 


Today, your challenge is to make some graffiti writing! To do this, you need to:


  • draw letters in different styles like 'bubble'
  • make your letters 3D
  • add a background
  • add detail


CHALLENGE: use a different font style, add extra detail, have a complex background, make your word longer etc.


  What will you write?   names, slogans, peace, love, places


Watch the following clip to help you learn how to write in bubble writing and check out the examples for inspiration! Don't forget to send me in some pictures of your completed creations! 



How to Draw Graffiti Bubble Letters ABC

Stuck for ideas? Colour these templates to get you started! smiley