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Monday 13th July



Read the words below. Can you correct the spelling of each word and then write it in a sentence?



*CHALLENGE – When you write the sentences, see if you can make each sentence longer by using a conjuction (and or but if because that when so).

*EXTRA CHALLENGE – Use an adjective in each sentence too!


Reading/ Writing activity

This week we are going to continue our topic called ‘Rainbows, rainbows everywhere!’ Last week we read an explanation text all about rainbows.


Your first job is to choose which topic you are going to write about. It can be anything but it MUST be a topic that you know lots of information about. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:


Today I would like you to create a mind map about your chosen topic. This will help you think about all the facts that you know about it.


Here is an example of a mind map which is all about animals. ‘Animals’ is the name of the topic (main heading or title). The mind-map is then split into separate ‘sub-headings’ so that the information can be organised in to different sections.


Use this template to help you create your own mind map about your chosen topic. Think carefully about what your sub-headings could be!






Work out the answers to these division calcualtons. Try and do this mentally :)




This week we are going to learn all about shapes. Today we are learning about the difference between regular and irregular 2d shapes.


Activity: Read the descriptions of the 2d shapes. Can you match them to the regular and irregular shapes?






Extra – Here is a website with lots of fun shape games to play :)


Other subjects (topic work/ foundation subjects)


Today I would like you to listen to the story ‘The Colour Monster’ being read aloud here (listen up to 3.00). 

In the story, the monster separated his emotions into jars to help him understand how he was feeling.

Can you create your own emotion jar? Draw or use this picture of your jar, choose an emotion and fill your jar with things that make you feel this way. You could even use an empty jar you have at home and fill it with objects/pictures.


For example: My jar is a calm jar. In my jar I will draw a book, the sea and some music because these are all things that make me feel calm. What will you put in your jar?