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Monday 6th July



Read the sentences below. Add in the correct punctuation using a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark.



*CHALLENGE – Can you rewrite 3 of the sentences and see if you can make each longer longer by using a conjunction? (and or but if because that when so)


Reading/ Writing activity

This week we are going to start a new topic called ‘Rainbows, rainbows everywhere!’

Did you know that the rainbow is a sign of hope? In this topic we will be looking at all things rainbow! Where they come from and why we are seeing more today than ever before.



Use this template to write down your ideas :)



*CHALLENGE – Here is a riddle about a rainbow:



Can you write your own riddle about a rainbow?



Reading for pleasure

Share a book or a chapter with another member of your family (or your pet!). Who is the main character of your book? Draw a picture of them here:




Today’s activities are all about the number 15.


Use this website to roll the dice if you don’t have enough dice at home.



Today’s activities are all about Tally charts. To remind you, here is a tally chart showing the number of pets that a group of children own.



Once a group of tallies reaches 5, we put a line through the group of 4 to make 5. This makes it much easier to count.


Activity 1: Can you make your own tally chart? You can choose what you would like your tally chart to be about. Here are a couple of ideas if you are stuck:

  • Colours of flowers in your garden
  • Types of fruit in your fruit bowl


Activity 2: Write some sentences to explain what your tally chart shows, Try to use the words ‘most popular’ and ‘least popular’ in your explanation.









Other subjects (topic work/ foundation subjects)


Look at these pictures. Can you draw a picture using an object that you find in your house? Use your imagination! Take a picture of your creation and send it in to me. I can’t wait to see what you come up with :)