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Monday 1st June

Happy Monday Eagles! I am aware that this is a very different format than you are used to, so I do apologise. I hope that you enjoy the activities anyway! Have a lovely day smiley



English: Spelling

I'm not sure what spellings you have already covered in Eagle class, so have gone for the /aw/ sound in words for today. However, instead of the common spelling of this sound ('aw' and 'or') we will be looking at words that contain:

'au' and 'augh' 


Here are the spelling you need to practice:



Please write a sentence containing each of these words (you can use the pictures to help you).


Now try this crossword and practice your beautiful cursive handwriting! 




Maths: Tenths

Watch the following clip which will introduce you to tenths. Then try the following activities. 

An Introduction to Tenths





Have a go at playing 4 in a row with someone in your family using your tenths knowledge! All you have to do is take turns with your partner to fill in a box on the sheet (you could make your own grids if you don't have a printer). The first person to get 4 correct answers in a row wins!


Or why not try this interactive matching tenths game!


French: Days of the week

For your final task today, I would like you to learn your days of the week in French. Watch the following clip to help you with the pronunciation. If you master it, we would love to see a video! Send it in to Miss Crowe at

The French Days of the Week

Now try the following game to test your knowledge:



Or why not try making a French Chatterbox! I used to love making these when I was at school!






Amusez-vous classe d'Aigle! smiley