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Welcome to Monday!

I am actually writing this on Friday evening so I have no idea at the moment what Monday will look like.  This is a very strange time for all of us and I am really glad that I have my contact with you guys, as it really helps me feel connected.  For those of you who are still learning from home, everything will be really similar this week to what we have been doing before.  Friday will always have a Zoom activity, and after this week I will know a bit more about what is going on and may be able to do a mid week one as well.


I hope that you enjoy today's home learning.  I will be including a wellbeing task each day as well as your English, maths and topic.  It is so important that we are looking after ourselves inside and out at the moment and the activities all go together to make a lovely journal!


English: Reading

Percy Jackson.  This a great book!  The film was a bit rotten though. 


A bit of addition and subtraction to ease you back in this week

Topic: Science

Biology today.  We are looking at adaptation - this is one of my favourite subjects to teach. 

I have included a bonus activity of drawing (or you can make out of play-doh or clay) and alien creature that is well adapted for it's home planet.  I look forward to seeing your Hinkies, Fooders and Phuds! 

Wellbeing: Journal day 1