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Good morning Osprey class!

I hope you have all had a wonderful half term! I would love to see some photos of what you have been up to and an update with where you’ve been and if you’ve managed to see anyone.

This week looks a little different for me as I am back in school Monday – Thursday. I will continue to post on our class page in exactly the same way and although I may not be so quick with my email responses, I will still reply within the day!

Have a lovely Monday,

Miss Grant x



I’m sure I have told you before that you should ‘show not tell’ when describing. This week’s activities are all about building a character, but in a different way to usual. Instead of starting with name, age, gender, and hair colour, we’ll be thinking about showing what our character is like. It’s absolutely fine to change your mind about your character halfway through; writers change their minds all the time. If they didn’t we’d be stuck with some pretty terrible ideas!


This week in Maths we are going to revisit some Fractions work. 

Today we are going to be looking at equivalent fractions! Remember when finding an equivalent fraction you need to "times the top and the bottom by the same number." I hope you sang it!! wink 

Click on the link to watch the video and then find Activity 1 and Activity 2 below:

Topic – Art

Use this video to guide you through how to draw a bird. Could you draw several birds of different sizes and colours to represent each member of your family?

How to draw a Bird Bird Easy Draw Tutorial.mp4

Still image for this video