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Tuesday 21st April

Tuesday 21st April


Good morning Kestrels!


I hope everyone enjoyed there work yesterday? I here you were learning about homophones (and conjunctions two!) I don't think I am very good at them! Can you sea all of the mistakes I have made?


Today, our English focus will be on grammar where we will look at possessive apostrophes. In maths, we will continue the work on time and will look at quarter past and quarter to. If you aren't confident in O'clock and half past yet though, please continue with this. I have also put on some science today as so many people have told me about the planting they have been doing! 


Have a great day and please get in touch if you have any problems.

English: Grammar


Our grammar focus this week is apostrophes. We use apostrophes to mark where letters are missing in spelling and to mark singular possession in nouns. For example:





Your activity: The first one is done for you. Work out what the apostrophe is and write the sentence.






Extra: Create your own sentences using an apostrophe, these could be about your family, things around the house, etc.


Additional Resources


Still not quite sure how to use a possessive apostrophe?  Look at BBC bitesize and watch the video clip to help you.

You can do some of the activities there too, or check out the powerpoint below and additional worksheets!

Maths: Quarter to and quarter past


Children should read and draw the times ‘quarter to’ and ‘quarter past’. They use their knowledge of fractions and turns to identify quarter past and quarter to.



Get a circle – (a plate, draw a circle, etc) - Split this up into quarters. This is what is important today and what we are focusing on.


Children should recognise that the hour hand moves along with the minute hand. Therefore, when the time is quarter past the hour, the hour hand will be just past the hour and when the time is quarter to, the hour hand will be just before the hour.


Look at the minute hand. Discuss how the minute hand has travelled and then write the minutes.




Now try these and complete the table:




Think you have the hang of it? Try these to test your knowledge! 








Lots of you have told me that you have been doing gardening, so I thought today we could learn a little more about how to make all of those seeds you have planted grow! Look at the following powerpoint that shows you how to care for your plants, then complete the worksheet.

You could even make a plant diary to record how much it grows each day!

60 second challenge


Keep active with today's 60 second challenge! 



smiley Happy Learning! smiley