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Kestrel – Mrs Bell & Mrs Gardner (Year 2)

Welcome to Kestrel Class!


This page is designed to give you an overview of life in Kestrel class. Please check in for information, updates, ways to support your child's learning at home and, most importantly, pictures of your children enjoying their time at school!


You can contact the Kestrel teaching team via our class email address ( at any time and we will reply to you at the earliest opportunity. This is especially important in the current climate when communication on the playground is more limited. 

Kestrel Class Teaching Team


Class Teachers: Mrs Bell & Mrs Gardner

This year, your children will be taught by both Mrs Bell and Mrs Gardner.

As you are aware, Mrs Gardner is currently completing her Initial Teacher Training through the Teaching Apprenticeship programme. As her mentor, Mrs Bell will be guiding her through the programme to ensure that she not only becomes the outstanding teacher that we know she is capable of, but that the children consistently receive the highest quality of education. 


Initially, Mrs Bell will be doing the majority of the teaching and will be supporting Mrs Gardner to teach specific lessons. As the year progresses, Mrs Gardner will take on an increasing amount of the teaching responsibilities until she is the lead teacher for the majority of the week. Mrs Bell will be dedicating this time to monitor and support Mrs Gardner, as well as wider whole school leadership/SEND responsibilities. 


Mrs Bell and Mrs Gardner plan lessons together and communicate regularly to ensure that there is consistency throughout the week. If you have any questions/concerns regarding your child, rest assured that whoever you discuss these with will pass it on to the other teacher. 


LSA: Miss Baker/Mrs Deabill

Due to illness, Mrs Deabill has been unable to start the year with us. However, she checks in regularly to see what all of the children are up to! We are hoping to have her back soon but in the meantime, the very lovely Miss Baker will be the class LSA all day Monday-Thursday and Friday mornings. 

Key Information



Our PE days are currently Monday and Wednesday. However, please ensure your child has their P.E. kits every day in case of timetable changes. Could all clothing be clearly named also to avoid anything getting lost. 




Currently, we will not be setting formal homework as children get used to their new routines and expectations. However, please ensure that your children read regularly. The children will be expected to read at least 3-5 times at home during the week. Please could you write in the name of the book and pages read and sign this in your child’s reading log. I will be collecting these in every Monday to monitor reading of the previous week. It is important that your child practises their reading at home to ensure they make good progress.


Children are also set informal challenges at school that they can choose to complete at home. Children will always be celebrated for continuing their learning and showing initiative! 


As the year progresses, children will be sent home work in order to prepare them for their SATs or specific tailored work in order to address individual misconceptions. 


If you would like your child to be provided with additional work to be completed at home or practice materials for areas in which they are struggling, please get in touch with Mrs Bell or Mrs Gardner who will discuss this with you.


Outdoor Learning

Children in Kestrel Class will regularly participate in outdoor learning throughout the week. Whilst we will endeavour to keep their uniforms clean, sometimes the children have other ideas! Our formal outdoor learning session is on a Friday afternoon and this will be the time that we allow the children a little more freedom to explore all of the dirtiest areas! Please provide clothing/shoes/wellies that you don't mind getting dirty for this session. Please also ensure that your child has a coat in school.



Kestrel Class 2019-20



Day at the zoo.


We had a fantastic day at the zoo We saw lots of different animals. We walked for miles and miles. 


In PE this week we had to copy our partner then work out a balance with our partner. We had to work as a team to get the hoop around us all without letting go of hands. 

Wednesday 22.1.2020

In PE we had the parachute and had to work as a team to get the ball into the middle. It was very difficult. We then played silent bench ball and this was quite difficult too but we worked as a team and had great fun.

13th November 2019



Today we were lucky enough to have some reptiles in school. There was a Royall ball python a Tegu lizard a Boa constrictor a Sulcata tortoise and a Pacman frog. We found out lots of amazing facts about them. The python is from South Africa and only eats every two weeks. The lizard is from Argentina and eats raw meat and raw eggs. It has big sharp claws and uses its tail as a whip if threatened. The Boa constrictor eats rabbits and only eats one a month. The Tortoise eats cabbage, flowers and tomatoes. It can live to be 125 years old. The Pacman frog has teeth and eats mice. It lives in South Africa and lives about 20 years. 

We got the touch some of them. The snakes felt smooth. The tortoise and lizard went for a walk around the hall. 

Friday 8th November 2019




We had an art exhibition in the hall today. We have been learning about different artists this half term, including Picasso and Klee. We worked really hard on our art work and wanted to show our family. 

Friday 11th October.


We made self portraits using natural materials. Can you guess who’s who?