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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Kestrel – Mrs Bell (Year 2/3)



Our PE days are currently Wednesday and Friday. However please make sure your child has their P.E. kits in every day in case of timetable changes. Could all clothing be clearly named also to avoid anything getting lost. 




The children will be expected to read at least 3 times at home during the week. Please could you write in the name of the book and pages read and sign this in your child’s reading log. I will be collecting these in every Monday to monitor reading of the previous week. It is important that your child practises their reading at home to ensure they make good progress.


Spellings will be sent home on a weekly basis to reinforce spelling patterns and strategies introduced throughout the week during phonic sessions. Please could you encourage your  child to practise these at home.





Reading, Spelling, Maths and English will be the main priority for your child’s homework.

Other pieces of homework may be sent home on occasions but this will not be every week and will not always be a written piece. Privilege time will be awarded on a Friday afternoon to children who complete all homework.


Today we had  a road safety officer in to talk about crossing the road safely. We have to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK when we cross the road. We went into the car park and learnt about blind spots on lorries. 



Day at the zoo.


We had a fantastic day at the zoo We saw lots of different animals. We walked for miles and miles. 


In PE this week we had to copy our partner then work out a balance with our partner. We had to work as a team to get the hoop around us all without letting go of hands. 

Wednesday 22.1.2020

In PE we had the parachute and had to work as a team to get the ball into the middle. It was very difficult. We then played silent bench ball and this was quite difficult too but we worked as a team and had great fun.

13th November 2019



Today we were lucky enough to have some reptiles in school. There was a Royall ball python a Tegu lizard a Boa constrictor a Sulcata tortoise and a Pacman frog. We found out lots of amazing facts about them. The python is from South Africa and only eats every two weeks. The lizard is from Argentina and eats raw meat and raw eggs. It has big sharp claws and uses its tail as a whip if threatened. The Boa constrictor eats rabbits and only eats one a month. The Tortoise eats cabbage, flowers and tomatoes. It can live to be 125 years old. The Pacman frog has teeth and eats mice. It lives in South Africa and lives about 20 years. 

We got the touch some of them. The snakes felt smooth. The tortoise and lizard went for a walk around the hall. 

Friday 8th November 2019




We had an art exhibition in the hall today. We have been learning about different artists this half term, including Picasso and Klee. We worked really hard on our art work and wanted to show our family. 

Friday 11th October.


We made self portraits using natural materials. Can you guess who’s who?