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Easter Holidays


Happy Easter everyone! I am sure we won't forget this one. Thinking creatively of Easter Egg hunts in the garden, maybe baking Easter biscuits or enjoying Easter crafts with your family. I have uploaded ideas, I know some parents want to continue a routine throughout now they have settled children into their home schooling. I will not be uploading more activities in the next two weeks, but will keep an eye on emails for anything urgent. Otherwise I will be back with you in two weeks time!

I hope everyone managed to get their essential Easter eggs in their restricted shopping list.

 Take care and stay safe


Miss Stockford

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Please nominate a Merlin to be star of the week! You can choose someone who has been kind, a friend whose work you like on the learning page, or someone who is helping their family.  I will announce the Star of the Week Friday afternoon.

Friday 3rd April 2020


Hi Merlins, it's Friday!

Outdoor learning day!

Can you make a home for a minibeast, a dinosaur, alien or an animal of your choice? You can use stones, leaves, sticks, soil, pebbles, whatever you can find in the garden,as long as you have asked a parent! Draw a picture and label it for me.

Remember to think about your star of the week and let me know before lunch! It is great that you are deciding.

I have put some further challenges in week 2. Use the lined paper to write me 2 facts about butterflies, remembering your finger spaces.


take care, and stay safe



Miss Stockford


Ideas 1
Ideas 2
Ideas 3
Ideas 4

Thursday 2nd April


Can you believe it's Thursday already?

Lots of you are making the most of the weather and have been sowing seeds. Make sure you take photos to show me, and then when they start growing. I have been busy planting vegetable seeds for the garden and the allotment too!

I hope you are enjoying the Very Hungry Caterpillar - have you tried retelling the story in your own words - perhaps a parent can record you!  See if you can spot any butterflies outside in your garden.


Find out facts about how a caterpillar develops into a butterfly - I have put a slideshow in the resources for today, in week 2. You can then stick your own cycle.  There are some further challenges about butterflies for you to complete. Remember, when colouring your 2D shapes, say the name so you remember what each shape is called!


Happy learning

Keep safe



Miss Stockford



Mrs Garbett's birthday cake!

Mrs Garbett's birthday cake! 1
Mrs Garbett's birthday cake! 2

Wednesday 1st April


Hi Merlins!


It is the very first day of April.  It's a special day because it's Mrs Garbett's birthday. Can you make a card/picture and take a photo so I can email them to her? It will cheer her up as she is at home with Mr Garbett and can't have her birthday party.  Perhaps you could make a cake with a parent and show a photo? I love virtual cakes - not as tasty but I can pretend!


Keep sending your caterpillar pictures. What does a caterpillar turn into? Can you paint one, maybe in rainbow colours and send me a photo before putting it up in your window. I will then be able to see them on my way to work and make me smile. You could do a foldover one so it is symmetrical.


I have uploaded a sequence sheet for you to complete, or you could draw your own. ( week 2 sub-page) You can choose your writing, maybe your favourite food from the story, or something about caterpillars. Remember your finger spaces between words!  There is a lovely bordered sheet for you so you can draw an amazing picture to go with your writing. Enjoy!


Take care, and be safe


Miss Stockford

Picture 1

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Hi Merlins


Hope you are enjoying your caterpillar theme.

Can you make your own caterpillar today? Maybe use an eggbox or playdoh, pebbles, pompoms or paint/draw one and ask a parent to kindly photograph it for emailing. I would like to make a gallery of caterpillars for your friends to see!


Remember your phonics today - I enjoyed watching 'oo' yesterday, though I think we are much better and speedier!

Can you write as many words as you can with the short 'oo' sound?


Take care, and be safe


Miss Stockford


P.S. A big shout out to all our Merlins who have CHICKEN POX! Can you believe it? You must have all caught it in the last week we were at school.  We all wish you a speedy recovery, and remember, no scratching!

Caterpillar ideas

Caterpillar ideas 1
Caterpillar ideas 2
Caterpillar ideas 3

Monday 30th March 2020


Hi Merlins

This week our learning focuses on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Have you got the book to read? If not, I have put a powerpoint slide of the story, or you could go online and watch a retelling.  Can you tell the story to a family member in order, perhaps using some puppets you have made?

I have uploadaed resources to keep you busy, more to come.

Please try to watch the phonics session for your RWI, it's brilliant that this is now accessible for you all.


I can't wait to see what you have got up to over the weekend. Please draw a picture and write a sentence using your soundmat to help you. 


Also, have a go at the lego challenge; some children are already having a go - remember to write your label and sentence to go with it!


Take care, and keep safe


Miss Stockford

Read Write Inc Phonics at home


Ruth Miskin is placing daily phonic sessions on facebook and YouTube. These are available for 24 hours. This is a great way for children to continue their essential phonic skills following the school delivery rather than worksheets.

Most children will benefit from set 2 sounds, though some, such as Miss Hellyer's group - you know who you are! will benefit from set 3 speed sounds too,; My group will benefit from set 1 practise as well as set 2.

This will be a brilliant way to ensure continuity and progression at this time.


Free Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home; three short Speed Sound lessons every day.

From Monday 23rd March, films will show at the times below and be available for 24 hours.

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am

Please share with RWI schools and parents.

Films and resources for parents on

Daily updates on Facebook/Twitter for regular tips to support reading and writing at home.

Oxford Owls - reading books


An additional online source for reading can be found at, where a range of levelled reading books can be found, as well as support materials for reading at home.  I hope this helps those who are completing their books on Bug Club.


Creative Lego Challenge.... Let’s build it!!!

Here's Freddie Frog's den, helped by the rabbits and cats!

Here's Freddie Frog's den, helped by the rabbits and cats! 1 Making a frame with sticks
Here's Freddie Frog's den, helped by the rabbits and cats! 2 Now for the blankets
Here's Freddie Frog's den, helped by the rabbits and cats! 3 A perfect reading den
Here's Freddie Frog's den, helped by the rabbits and cats! 4 Cosmo came to listen to a story
Here's Freddie Frog's den, helped by the rabbits and cats! 5 This is Fluffy in the garden
Here's Freddie Frog's den, helped by the rabbits and cats! 6 And this is Milo

Friday 27th March 2020


Hi Merlins, it's FRIDAY! 

It's outdoor learning day. After your keep fit with Joe, and some phonic practise - have you made your own sound cards yet? - then it's learning outside in the garden if you can. Have you done the bug hunt yet, or finished the activities I put on the web page yesterday? If so, then you could build a pretend fire with sticks, create a den with sheets, a pattern with stones, or chalk a picture. I can't wait to see your ideas.


Take care, and keep safe

Miss Stockford


Freddie Frog made some doubles using pebbles. Can you guess the double?

(Cosmo the cat decided to learn too!)

Doubling with Freddie Frog

Doubling with Freddie Frog 1

Thursday 26th March 2020


HI Merlins

I am so pleased to be receiving so many photos and messages from you. Please thank your parents for helping you. I hope you are helping them by doing jobs at home too. I would love to hear what you are doing.  Has everyone drawn or painted a rainbow for their window? I have seen some but would love to see more.  Remember it's the NHS clap tonight at 8pm too.


Yesterday Freddie Frog helped me plant potatoes, he did a double row of 6, which was 12 altogether. Can you practise your doubles today and let me know - either write the numbers, or draw ladybirds with spots on each side, or use stones or potatoes to show doubles. I will put your photos on the website for everyone to see!


Today as it's another sunny day - very frosty this morning - I would like you to do lots of learning on minibeasts. I have put some activities together to give you ideas. If you can't print them, write and draw on paper to show me what you are doing.


Take care, be safe

Love from 

Miss Stockford

Wednesday 25th March


Hello Merlins, it's another lovely day. Freddie Frog has been exploring the garden in the sunshine. Yesterday he saw 2 butterflies on a dandelion, a ladybird, 2 worms, 4 spiders, a green beetle and 6 slugs. How many bugs did you find?


Today he saw some frogspawn in the pond and wondered what it was. Can you help him find out? If you have a book or go online to find out more, please send a photo or of your writing/pictures. Thank you so much.

I have put some activities in the week 1 folder to help you.


Later, Freddie Frog is going to help me plant some potatoes. I wonder if you know a book about a potato. Can you send me a photo of you reading one?


Take care, and stay safe,


Love from

Miss Stockford

Freddie Frog explores the pond

Freddie Frog explores the pond 1

Hello Merlin, today is Tuesday 24th March.

(I remembered what day it is for once, though I still need all your help by saying the days of the week in order!)


Freddie Frog is planning on doing some reading in the garden today. He wants to find out about tasty bugs. I wonder what you can find out? Let me know so I can tell Freddie Frog.


Take care, and keep safe.

Love Miss Stockford

Freddie Frog is finding out about bugs today

Freddie Frog is finding out about bugs today 1

Due to the unfortunate school closure, I have put together a few activities that children can complete whilst at home. I appreciate that some people do not have access to printers/ internet/ craft materials etc so I have tried to suggest a variety of activities that can be completed. This page will be updated regularly however here are some activities that can be completed at any time.


Some of you may feel overwhelmed at this time, events have moved so quickly this week. Take time, for yourself, and your children. If you, or your child, needs extra cuddles, reassurance or time out to take stock, do so. Do not feel guilty. Yours, and your family's, wellbeing is paramount. Children do not learn if they don't feel safe. You can not provide that security if you are stressed. Please, please, do not feel pressured to be a teacher from 9 to 3. If I'm honest, I spend just as much time 'just being' with your children, developing relationships, confidence, self-esteem, emotional support, and above all, huge amounts of fun, of which is a huge part of early Years. There aren't worksheets for this, it't time, and time is the most precious thing (as well as cake) you can give. Be brave, be safe, have fun. I am here to help. (Once I can access that new email thing!!)


Reading should already be part of  your family’s learning routine; school schemed books as well as your own story books. Children can be encouraged to find the words they know, such as high frequency words, and apply their known sounds (set 1 and 2 RWI).   Please ask your child lots of questions to develop understanding as you go. Children have come home with a bug club password and code today, those absent will be sent theirs via Tapestry. I have shown children the books, and we have read a few together. Older siblings will be familiar with the site, but is new to Merlin. Bug Club can be accessed via the website listed below.


A little bit of writing each day will go a long way, so when, for example creating a model (lego is always a favourite) please ask your child to write a label, what they have made, and something about it. Most children can write sentences by themselves, with gentle reminders of finger spaces and using their sounds. We always encourage children to have their sound mat in front of them when writing. 


Short sentences about what they have done, or about the story they have read maintains interest, presenting work in mini books makes writing less scary so get the staplers at the ready, encouraging your child to create their own! The attached high frequency word list will aid in common words children need to spell (as well as read by sight) which don’t necessarily follow a phonetic pattern.  Children have loved writing facts about a dinosaur, they could challenge themselves to write short sentences about a different dinosaur, a farm animal or a zoo animal, or write about several, making their own books!


Counting everyday objects, adding two sets of objects together, taking away from a group of objects, counting forwards and backwards to 20, counting in tens, twos are all skills we have covered but need to be practised. Children representing their workings, drawing pictures of the objects counted and then writing the total, as well as more formal calculations using -+= are equally acceptable. The use of cbeebies and numberblocks are a great source of consolidating knowledge, and very popular with the children. 


I am very much looking forward to receiving emails and photos of your learning journeys - remember Joe's workout at 9am on Monday - my legs are already aching from this morning's workout!


With best wishes

Paula Stockford


Bug club: They provide electronic books that are specific to the child’s reading level and can be adjusted where necessary. All children will be provided with an individual log in for this.  - website free resources for EYFS

www.bbciplayer – numberblocks – wealth of education resources opened up for parents which cover all areas of the curriculum – free offer to access resources – great way of practising phonics and high frequency words within fun games – very popular at school!  Username: march20 Password: home