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Wednesday 15th July 2020


Hi Merlins - it was fascinating to see what you found funny during your time in Merlin! I can't believe you find me tripping over funny!!


Today we are thinking about what we would like to do in year one, what we enjoy and what we would like to get better at. The proforma for 'my wish' is under week 14.


from Miss Stockford

Tuesday 14th July 2020


Hi Merlins


Today we are thinking about all that we have achieved this year so Miss Crowe knows the kind of learning that we enjoy! Use the proforma at A3 if you can.


Have fun - and thanks for your help with the stick insects - they are coming into school for a visit today!


from Miss Stockford


Monday 13th July 2020


Happy Monday Merlins!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my lovely wall art - it was a lovely surprise to see so many of you taking the time to picnic at the park, and how awesome to see the children playing happily as if nothing has happened in the last 4 months.  The relaxing friendly environment meant that I didn't feel overwhelmed so thank you - you know me so well!

 I hope that it was reassuring for you all too.  I would certainly encourage you to organise further - perhaps smaller - gatherings in the six weeks hols - just so you can chat and support each other as well as ensure your children gain confidence in a group.


I have some really exciting news - one of my stick insects from Edward has hatched.  I now have a tiny baby stick insect.  That just proves it wasn't poo! (Merlin insider joke parents, don't worry!)  I now need to find out more about caring for it.  See what you can find out for me.


This week's learning is all about letting Miss Crowe know all about you! Today we are carefully drawing a picture of our family and writing about yourselves - there is a proforma on week 14, or you could draw on plain paper and label.


Keep up with your phonics too, the more you do, the more you will remember and the quicker you will write using your Fred fingers - Miss Crowe will be in for a surprise!


Take care and have fun learning

Miss Stockford



Friday 10th July 2020


Hi Merlins

What an amazing week it has been - we have all enjoyed our lighthouse theme.

After completing your phonics, your ODLearning focuses on Mr Grinling’s picnic basket.  
Your challenge is to pack a picnic, perhaps making the sandwiches you designed yesterday, and then let it travel safely on a zip wire! You can make your own zip wire or utilise equipment safely.  Having successfully moved your basket of goodies, you can enjoy your very own picnic with your family.

Have fun, and enjoy your learning

Stay safe

Miss Stockford

Thursday 9th July 2020

Welcome to Thursday.

After your phonics, it's all about lighthouses! We have challenge cards where we introduce the number difference between two light house towers - it's counting how many more the taller tower has!

We are writing the instructions of our own sandwiches - it would be great if you could then make them to eat!

Your art challenge today is making your own model of a lighthouse so I hope you have your cylinders ready.  There are some photos for ideas at the bottom of week 13.  Tomorrow it's all about zip wires and picnics...


Have fun

from Miss Stockford


Wednesday 8th July 2020


Wild card!


Take a photo and send to us.


have fun

Miss Stockford

Tuesday 7th July 2020


Hello Merlins!

Have you painted your own lighthouse?  We had lots of stripy ones - check out your friends work on the learning page.  Poor Hamish, I did feel sorry for him flying in the basket.  He really didn't like it did he?

Today think about a plan of how  you could frighten the seagulls away from the fisherman's lunch.  Instead of mustard, what could you use? Draw and label your own sandwich design.


We are going to subtract today, counting backwards, perhaps you can use lego bricks to make your own lighthouses and use them for taking away.

Our writing involves Fred talking words to help hear each sound before labelling the different features in the picture.  All the activities are under week 13.


Have fun learning

from Miss Stockford


Monday 6th July 2020


Welcome to Monday, and a week of fun learning awaits!  This week our learning is themed around the book 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.  All the activities can be found within Week 13, and I absolutely can't wait to make a lighthouse.  You will need a kitchen roll or similar cylinder to design and make your own lighthouse later in the week so make sure you don't throw them in the recycling.

Having read the story, the labelling activity really focuses on using your Fred fingers to sound out each word independently.

Our maths this week focuses on subtraction, and really using our knowledge of number facts to solve calculations.  We warm up by practising our counting backwards.

Remember to keep going with your RWI; it is so important to keep practising these sounds so they become really quick to read within words without needing to sound out.  And no cheating - you only tick each sound AFTER Rosie has done it!!!

Our art activity today is to paint a picture of a lighthouse - you might want to look at photos of local lighthouses, or copy the one from the book, or design a completely different one.  I look forward to seeing them all.


Have fun, and watch out for the seagulls

Take care

from Miss Stockford


Friday 3rd July 2020


Happy Friday everyone!

Today we are going to make a kite to fly in the wind - it is going to be very windy on Sunday!  The instructions can be found under week 12.


Saturday is Eva-Rose's birthday - I can't wait to see what her cake is like! We are also looking forward to Oliver's on Monday.


Remember to do your RWI and keep clock watching.  You can use your paper plate clock to show the times you have your meals.


Have fun, and enjoy the weekend

from Miss Stockford

Thursday 2nd July 2020


Happy Thursday Merlins.

We are getting to be a clock expert with telling the time - keep practising at home! Today we are looking at Baby Bear's day and matching the clocks.


Our Literacy focuses on finding facts about a chosen sea animal - use the proforma to help you plan your work.  


Keep practising your tricky words - you get better and better the more you practise!  We are enjoying our tricky word booklets - very grown up to have a whole booklet!


Take care and stay safe

from Miss Stockford


Wednesday 1st July 2020


HI Merlins.

What excuses did you make for Tiddler being late yesterday?  George B got tangled by an octopus, and Eva-Rose was talking to a whale!

Today we are continuing with the story of Tiddler, and finding all the rhyming words.

We have been practising our tricky words too - have a go at the pirate booklets - choose the set to challenge you without being too tricky!

In maths we are learning to use our clocks we made yesterday - using o'clock to show times when we do different things during the day.  For example, waking up at 7 o'clock, having breakfast at 8 o'clock, going to school at 9 o'clock, having lunch at 12 o'clock. We are also going to play bingo, matching the analogue clock to the time.


Have fun with your learning

Miss Stockford

Tuesday 30th June 2020


Hi Merlins - don't be late!


Hope you enjoyed playing What's the time Mr Wolf? We cut out so many different watches and clocks from the Argos catalogue!

Today we are going to make our own clocks using paper plates, and show the times (to the o'clock) for different things we do during the day.

Did you enjoy the story of Tiddler? We thought it was really funny how Tiddler was always late.  Today we are going to talk about all the reasons why Tiddler said he was late and then think of our own to write.  When you have planned your reason, you could write it carefully in a speech bubble.


Remember to complete your phonics - hold a sentence and red words after recapping your set 2/3 sounds.


Have fun

from Miss Stockford

Monday 29th June 2020


Hi Merlins!


This week our learning links to Tiddler, a fish that was always late for school, but had funny excuses to tell.  Because he was always late, we are going to think about time, and what we do at different times of the day, and be a time detective.  How many clocks or watches can you find in your house?  We are then going to start telling the time on an analogue watch.  The activities are under this week's learning, week 12 for you to find.

You will also find the story of Tiddler if you haven't got it under our stories section.  We are going to find all the different sea creatures in the story and make a list using our sounds to help us.

Remember to continue with your phonics - the red words are really important to learn as we use them so much in our reading and writing.


Take care

from Miss Stockford

Friday 26th June 2020


Ahoy shipmates!

I hope you have enjoyed our week of pirating. Today our challenge is to draw a map of our garden with an x marking the spot...where you have hidden your very own treasure. Remember to label the features to practise your phonics. For all pirate learning, a special pirate certificate will be sent your way!


Have fun

from Miss Stockford

Thursday 25th June 2020


Ahoy shipmates!

I hope your ships are shipshape, and ready for pirate day! Have you made a hat and eye patch ready?  How about hiding some treasure and then writing clues for your family to follow, or get a parent to write some clues for you to follow, reading and using your sounds carefully. With the warm weather I am sure lots of you will be walking the plank!  We have really worked hard on our pirate designs - our wanted posters are on the learning page for sharing.

Today you can find out about pirate ships and draw and label your own.


Have fun learning

from Miss Stockford

Wednesday 24th June 2020


Ahoy there!

Have you made your pirate’s ship yet? Here is a photo of ours - we worked really well as a team to build it and luckily only two children had to walk the plank.


Today we are drawing our own 'wanted' pirate, making it as fierce as you can, before then describing features such as colour of beard, earring, eye colour, patterns of clothes, peg leg, can either write sentences or label your picture.  We are using pirate coins to make our own calculations using the ten frames as well as practice our number bonds. 

Remember to practise your key words - we have been writing them with chalks. When you know one really well you can colour it on your fish!  


Have fun

Miss Stockford

Sports Week Results!

Tuesday 23rd June 2020


Ahoy me hearties!

I hope you are having fun being pirates.  We made our treasure maps and hats yesterday, and went seeking treasure outside.  Today we are going to write about pirates and describe the pirate as well as the pirate ship.

We are also completing some pirate maths - subtracting using our pirate ten frames.

Have you learnt any pirate talk? Let us know - a video would be great!


have fun

Miss Stockford

Monday 22nd June 2020


Hi Merlins and welcome to Pirate Week!

Following our sea theme, this week we embark on a pirate adventure, practising our number bonds and learning further high frequency words throughout the week. I would like you to really focus on your handwriting too, forming letters correctly and practising those you find more tricky.

I have put different activities on week 11 of a pirate theme, but you can also think of your own - how about creating a huge pirate ship in the garden?  The weather becomes sunny again so you could make a boat to sail in the paddling pool.

Remember to continue with your RWI, you are fab at this now, and hold a sentence.  This really helps to practise your high frequency words too.


White Rose maths uses Zog as its starting point, revisiting patterns and using ten frames to add and subtract.  You can use the ten frame template in week 11 to make your own calculations.


We are going to make our own treasure maps today - you could use an old teabag to make yours look old. Remember to draw and label different features on your map - you could even roll it into a bottle.


Have fun learning

Miss Stockford


Friday 19th June 2020


Hi Merlins, happy Friday!


The weather looks fantastic today for getting wet, so get those bikes out - I know how amazing you are at riding them so have fun seeking out muddy puddles to ride through. Remember the faster you go, the more the water sprays up!  I will be out on mine too.  You will probably need a shower when you get back home!  I think a hot chocolate or hot squash would be a great idea too.

Remember to do your RWI with Rosie - I am so impressed with how you are remembering all your phonics and holding a sentence.  Have you had a go at matching some of the captions and pictures of the reading games - if not, today is a good day for that.  We will be putting up more photos and videos of sports week today - we had to do the potato and spoon race inside - it would have been too crazy to do it outside as it was hammering it down with rain at the time! We managed to do the bottle flipping under the trees though.


Have fun and stay safe

Miss Stockford


Thursday 18th June 2020


hi Merlins

Today we are doing our potato and spoon race, we have all been keen to do this one so I hope you have your potatoes ready! I think we will be racing in the rain today.

We continue with writing the Rainbow fish story today, remembering our full stops and finger spaces. Rosie is really helping us with our spelling, and we are getting much better at our hold a sentence.  

If you print out a few pages of the reading game, then cut them out, you can play a matching game with a parent or sibling, practising your reading at the same time. We had a go at school yesterday and are doing some more today - I am going to hide the pictures outside so the children have to find them after reading the sentence.

Perhaps you could then design your own rainbow fish, mixing as many different colours as you can! Send us your photos - we love seeing yours on the big board.

have fun

from Miss Stockford



Wednesday 17th June 2020

Hi Merlins

I hope you are enjoying our sports day activities! Thanks to Oliver for sending in his video of the cup and ball event. I think everyone found it challenging! Today we are having a go at keepy uppers....need I say more?

In our RWI we are going to have a go at the set 2 mix, practising all our sounds, and then reading and writing red words.

Having made a CD fish yesterday, today we are going to create a collage of fish to create a giant aquarium. You could draw and decorate your own fish or use the templates on Week 10. Maybe use a shoe box to hang them from.

Remember to write your sentences about the Rainbow fish, as well as your sharing equally in maths. It’s important to use objects to show the maths before drawing it. We really enjoyed cutting out the scales and creating rainbow fish in maths yesterday.


have fun and stay safe

from Miss Stockford

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Hi Merlins

I hope you had fun with our sports events yesterday.  We found it really challenging to keep going with the jog run and star jumps but we made it. Make sure you send in your photos and videos - Miss Crowe is busy uploading them for us! We love seeing how you get on at home and it then challenges us to do better.  We have dug up some of our potatoes today in readiness for Alfie’s potato and spoon race which was chosen for the whole school to do. I think we are doing it on Wednesday, so make sure you have potatoes at the ready.

Today our RWI focuses on oy, though we did enjoy shouting out ‘ou’ yesterday. I think even Mrs Garbett might have heard us in her office. Remember to do the spellings, and day 2 of hold a sentence. It really helps if you say the sentence aloud to someone, and they can say it back to you.  

We are going to make our own Rainbow fish today using an old CD. The instructions are in the rainbow fish section of Week 10. 
have fun and stay safe

from Miss Stockford


Monday 15th June 2020


Hi Merlins.

This week our learning focuses on The Rainbow fish, and celebrating that we are all different.  Our maths activities involve sharing and grouping, as well as practising counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s.  Our English focuses on high frequency words within sentences about the Rainbow fish.

RWI continues, with Rosie now introducing further activities to extend our sight vocabulary as well as holding a sentence, which most of you have already practised in your sessions - though it seems a long time ago!

Friday 12th June 2020

Hi Merlins

I am so pleased it's Friday! I have a new idea for our outdoor learning today so make sure all your learning for the week is finished, including your phonics.  Remember to use your fred fingers when spelling your words - I sometimes think Rosie goes a bit fast when spelling, so don't be afraid to pause it so you can fred talk the word and pinch each sound using your fingers before writing it!  We have got much better at spelling in our bubbles because we slowed it down and really thought about it! (It's a bit tricky to put up our fingers and hold them too.)


Today, make a nature frame.  Use  a piece of cardboard - a side of a cereal box is ideal.  Decorate the plain side with what ever pattern or pictures you like.  You could even find  four sticks and tie them together with string or elastic bands. Take a walk and hold your frame over things you find interesting.  A grown up can then take a photo of your picture.  You might put your frame against a tree trunk, a collection of leaves, a plant, a minibeast, or even a puddle - whatever you find interesting outside.




And enjoy the puddle jumping too!


Have fun

from Miss Stockford

Thursday 11th June 2020


Good morning Merlins. 
Remember it is the last day for sending in your entrants for our Virtual Sports Day - we are all excited about trying all the different sports next week. Merlins are thinking of amazing ideas. I was even jumping over boxes yesterday trying out one of George C’s ideas! Lucky I didn’t break my leg...!

Try really hard with your handwriting today, check with your phonic mat and ask a parent to remind you which way to start a letter before starting.  Remember your learning for today is under week 9. We are writing all about the sea today, remembering our finger spaces and full stops.  Are you getting better at your odd and even numbers - see what odd and even numbers you can spot on front doors if out for a walk.



Take care and have fun

Miss Stockford

Wednesday 10th June 2020


Good morning Merlins!

We really loved sharing your sports designs yesterday - your friends were so excited to see your shields, mascots and activities.  They were very good at giving their feedback too so expect an email when you send in your work!  The Merlin bubbles have lots of good things to say.  Today we are thinking about what activities we would like to do next week.  Alfie and Oliver have already planned one for us - skittles and potato and spoon race!  Get your entries in to gain house points for your team.



We are going to be writing about two more sea pictures today - check out the shark! And our maths focuses on adding two groups together.  How many are in the first set - then count on to find how many altogether.  We are really enjoying Rosie's phonics - we stood and pretended we were superhero zappers when seeing 'ar' yesterday.  I wonder what letter it is today...I think it might be or.  How many words can you think of with the 'or' sound?


Have fun and stay safe

from Miss Stockford

Tuesday 9th June 2020


Hi Merlins

We had lots of fun designing our shields yesterday. Make sure you send your photos in so I can put them on our Virtual Sports Week page.  We loved doing ‘oo’ in our phonics too, and thought of lots of words with the sound in. Today we apply our phonics from yesterday to writing sentences using finger spaces and a full stop; writing about two fish themed photos. 
Can you design a mascot today ready for our Virtual Sports Day? I wonder if it will be a teddy, a frog, a super hero themed dragon... I can’t wait to see your ideas!  I have put a proforma in our sports week page or you can draw it (or even make one) on plain paper.



have fun and stay safe

from Miss Stockford

Monday 8th June 2020


Hi Merlins


Did you all see the double rainbow on Friday evening after all that rain (which the beans will love)?  I hope you all had a restful weekend.  This week sees us plan our virtual sports day - if you can't remember which house team you are in then just email me and I will let you know. 

Today we are going to design a badge for our teams.  It can have anything on it you like, though of course we need our name 'Merlin' on it as well as our house team - Aylesbeare, Greylake, Swellwood or Hamwall.  It can be any shape you choose.  Take lots of care with your drawing and colouring, and remember, it has to be your drawing!  If you want to get planning your sports activity, a planning proforma can be found under the Merlin Virtual sports day!



There is now a shield template under the Virtual sports day resources!

I have placed your learning activities under Week 9, continuing the theme of the sea.  If you would like to also use the White Rose, then week 2 uses The Night Pirates which links in to our theme.


have fun with your learning

stay safe

from Miss Stockford



Friday 5th June 2020

Hi Merlins


It's Friday! After your phonics, please make sure you do your reading - remember, everyone should be doing their bug club at home whether they are at school or not as we are unable to send books home.


Outdoor learning focuses on spirals.  Can you find any spirals in nature? If you go for a walk, search for spirals and take a photo - ask a parent really nicely if you can carefully take a photo with their phone.  You might find some in your garden, or find some spirals in nature by looking at photos online.  When you find one you really like, have a go at drawing it.  Or perhaps draw out a chalk spiral and collect natural objects to go along the spirally line.  I can't wait to see your ideas.


Have a lovely weekend

take care and stay safe

from Miss Stockford




WB 15.06.20 - Westonzoyland’s Virtual Sports Week

As you know, during this term we would have usually had our sports day, which will unfortunately not be able to go ahead this year. However, we have been thinking about how we can provide the children with a chance to showcase their sportsmanship values, to get active and to have lots of fun doing so. Therefore, we would like to propose Westonzoyland’s first ever virtual sport’s week! Our Virtual Sports week will be held on the week beginning: 15.06.20. 


We want all children to be involved with this process, whether they are at home or at school. Firstly they will work together to create ten activities for children to compete in.  Then, in the following week, we will be asking children to send it their photos or videos of them taking part in the events.  We are even going to be asking children to design their very own house mascots and slogans for our sport’s week.


We are hoping that by opening the planning and designing process to the children, we can make sure that everyone takes part in some aspect of the week. Our aim is for the children to connect with each other and to highlight just how amazing the Westonzoyland children are!


Every child who takes part in any aspect of the week will win points for their house and at the end of the week we will be awarding the Sport’s Day cup to the house with the most points across the planning, designing and participation aspects.

On the main class page menu there will be a sport’s week section where you will be able to see the events as they all happen.  We will be starting next week by providing time during home and school learning for children to engage in the planning process, we hope that this will be exciting and will motivate the children to all join in.  

Thursday 4th June 2020

Hi Merlins

I had great fun playing in the rain yesterday - the vegetables look so much healthier after the rain.  Did you spot the dangers in the Snail and the Whale?  We counted our tallies in fives whilst jumping and doing a high five in the air!  Did you write your postcard from the snail? There were so many animals to look for in the pictures that we could write about. I can't wait to see yours. 


Today we are going to write a sentence or two about the story, using our finger spaces and full stop. Make sure you say your sentence to a parent first so you remember it really well.


Our maths is all about odd and even numbers today - using a ten frame to help us. If you remember, the numicon tiles that have a sticking up bit are all the odd numbers!

You can say the rhyme

2,4,6,8, and don't forget the zero,

these are all even,

all the rest are very odd,,

1,3,5,7,9 all in a line.



We are also going to have a go at making our own Matisse inspired collages today - have a look - can you see the shell going around, with a long rectangle shape for the body? You could use tissue paper, coloured paper, or print with paint and blocks!



Have fun, and try your very best! I am hoping to put a virtual art gallery up of our work.

take care, and stay safe

from Miss Stockford


Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Hi Merlins

I am wondering if it will rain today - I really hope so because all the vegetables that are growing really need a water!  Snails love the rain too.  Our sea snail went on an amazing journey around the world - have a look at the pictures for clues of where you think the whale took her.  Can you draw a story map of the places the snail and the whale visited?  We realised today that one of the first places was the South Pole, because we know lots of penguins live there! Do you remember when we did the story Lost and Found?  You can then label the places - perhaps use a map to help you as well as your phonic mat.

We are going to write a postcard today describing one of the places - when you have done yours send a photo - I want to print some out and put them on the wall - I will take a photo for you to see.  

We are going to learn to make a tally chart today - when you have done a tally of all the dangerous things in the story, perhaps you could think of your own to do - how many balls you can find, how many of each coloured toy car, or how many drinks you have in a day.



Take care, and stay safe

Miss Stockford

Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Hi Merlins

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and kept safe in the sun.  I treated myself to a homemade ice lolly to cool down - perhaps you could try making some with moulds - even yoghurt pots would work! Did you like The snail and the whale? Wasn’t it amazing how a tiny creature like a snail could save the huge whale. It just shows that however small we think we are, being kind and helpful can make a BIG difference. One of the learning activities focuses on how the whale was saved. Can you have a go at that today before it gets really hot? 
We can all have a go at adding two more today - can you work it out in your head? You will notice that all the pictures come from the story.  I can’t wait to use my fingers to paint a pattern on a spiral snake too!


Have fun with your learning, and stay safe

from Miss Stockfordsmiley

Monday 1st June


Good morning my merry Merlins. I hope you had an awesome half term and made it special!

The weather was lovely - did you go anywhere special as part of your daily exercise? Now that the rules have changed a bit there are more things we are allowed to do, as long as we are being safe.

I got up really early one morning and took my family to the beach - there were only 2 people there walking their dogs so it was really easy to keep a safe distance, and then later in the week, we took a picnic and watched the sunset over the sea - very special memories.  I am a little tired now because we have spent the last few nights camping in the garden - pretending to be on holiday - it was lots of fun!

Make sure you send me photos of your tic tac toe games from your ODL challenge!

This week, because it is really hot, and some of you may visit a beach, our book is The Snail and the Whale. I wonder whose favourite it is... if you are unable to visit a beach, perhaps you could make your own in the back garden. Let me know your ideas, and make sure you take some photos.  I wonder if anyone has a paddling pool that could be the sea?

All your activities are under Week 8 - make sure you check carefully before printing and only print what you really have to!  If you haven't got the book at home, I have put the story under the sub-page Stories, and some of you may even have the film.


Enjoy your learning

take care, and stay safe

from Miss Stockford




Well done Rupert for keeping up with your learning; for continuing your learning about what you are interested in, as well as those really long bike rides to keep healthy.

Friday 22nd May 2020


My favourite day, I don't know why! Thank you for all your photos and messages about worms.  Even the birds seemed to know as I had a blackbird flying around my house yesterday.  I let it hide under a chair for a while before encouraging it to fly outside again.

It's the Bank holiday, as well as half term, so there will not be any more learning put on the site for the coming week.  Spend this time having huge amounts of fun with your family; do your design for the book token, as well as the Olympic mascot.

This week we have William R, Archie, Rupert and George C all completing their current Bug Club challenges.  Eva-Rose, Jack, Alfie and Oliver continue to read as much as they can so also get a certificate! Well done for keeping it up - it is so important to keep reading so you learn more and more words as well as practise your phonics.


RWI focuses on

Set 1: s

Set 2: ir

Set 3: oy


Only if you really want to, the final Superworm maths day continues on White Rose. Today you are comparing lengths and playing hide and seek with worms (not real ones)!


For ODL, I wondered if you could make your own tic tac toe, or noughts and crosses game using natural resources.  We had lots of fun playing this at school with key worker children on Monday using paper, but I think it could be much more fun.  Here are some photos of ideas to help you (and your parents).  I will look forward to your photos of how you made your game!  As long as you have two different types of objects you are winning!



PS. Please do not use real would be unkind!


Have a lovely break

take care, and stay safe

from Miss Stockford

Thursday 21st May 2020


Hello Merlins

I can see you are all crazy about worms! Keep sending your photos in - I love the crafty worms that are being made - thank you Edward for my very own aquabead baby worm.  I wonder who is going to make the longest...  I have placed some fun action cards for you to move to music - make sure it's loud so your neighbours know you are doing it as well as some fact cards. Can you find two interesting facts about worms - you can write them on the special worm paper if you like.


Today's RWI focuses on

Set 1: a

Set 2: air

Set 3: ea

with sheets on Week 7.


Maths on White Rose uses Superworm to think about cylinders, shopping for quantities and values using pence. Have fun with your gory shops - slugs, snails, beetles, worms, could be from the world of Harry Potter!




I have put a link for a booklet that maybe helpful for when your child starts to come to school, printed by ELSA.


It is a great resource to help explain the changes happening around us, and what children may experience whilst out.


Remember to do your design for the book token - all your friends could win too! The sooner you complete it, the more chances of winning as they pull a winner every day!


Take care and stay safe

Miss Stockford                    



Wednesday 20th May 2020


This week is zooming by, I have been so busy putting your photos on your learning page, and I am loving all your worm pictures. I have some new ideas for you today - crafty worms! How could you make a worm? What materials could you use? Here are some ideas to help your parents - I know you will have loads of your own ideas too - bet there will be a lego and knex one in there somewhere!



Well done on your RWI - lots of you are completing the sheets each day which is helping with your handwriting  as well as your reading too.  Today's focus is:

Set 1: m (restarting, but good to focus on the handwriting)

Set 2: or

Set 3: ear


Maths continues with Superworm, and it's finding out different things you can do in 1 minute!


Let me know what story you would like me to read next - I will see if I have it on my bookshelf!


Take care, and stay safe

from Miss Stockford


Tuesday 19th May 2020


Hi Merlins - I had lots of emails yesterday about your wormerys, worm paintings and worm hunting so I guess you are really enjoying our new book, Superworm!

Superworm is a real hero, saving different animals as well as being a kind friend.

Can you think of someone who is a real hero, or someone you think is a kind friend? Draw a picture and label it so I know who it is!

Make sure you choose an activity from the Superworm activities, as well as your RWI for the day.

Set 1: nk

Set 2: ar

Set 3: ire


I have already seen some of your work from the maths too - lots of fun things to try.


Within week 7 there is also a new competition - designing a book token - and knowing how good you are at drawing I thought you could have a go. All the information is on the poster, as well as the links.  Every class has the chance, so you could do it with brothers and sisters too!


Have fun, you are doing really well, and keep cycling!

from Miss Stockford


Monday 18th May 2020


Good morning Merlins! 

There promises to be some lovely weather at the beginning of the week, so whilst staying safe I thought we would return to one of our favourite topics, minibeasts! See what bugs you can find on your safe explorations. Maybe dig a hole and see if you can find a worm - handle them with care, and always put them back where they belong.

Our learning is linked to Superworm - one of my favourites.

Start with getting to know the story first - if you haven't got the book, then there are lots of videos or me reading it in our Stories section.  Can you then retell the story in order, perhaps using the pictures to help you?  Have lots of fun, and beware of that nasty villian, the slimy lizard!


The maths on White Rose home learning also focuses on Superworm, so double the fun! Here's the link...


You can explore patterns, length and symmetry within the week's activities...

 Week 7 sub-page sees a variety of activities - again, you don't have to do them all, pick some for a challenge, and some for fun.  If you think of something else then let me know! I think I would like to have a go at measuring how long different objects are!


RWI phonics today:

set 1: ng

set 2: oo (short, as in book)

set 3: ew

The sheets are in week 7 to help you!


Ruth Miskin you tube link for the daily lesson is:


Take care and stay safe

Miss Stockford

Congratulations to  Jack, Alife, William D, Noah, George C, Oliver and George I who have all received certificates today for their Bug Club reading achievements this week!


Star of the week 


Friday 15th May 2020


It's Friday, and you know what that means.

Having practised your phonics, and maybe some social distancing games too as this helps us to stay safe, it will be time for ODL. 

There has been some amazing learning going on, and it was tricky to decide what to do today before a bee buzzed around my patio.  Dandelion honey!  Have you ever made it?  Can you guess what flower you need to pick?

                                                                                       100 dandelions!


There is a recipe on Week 6.  If you haven't got all the ingredients, just pick the dandelions, make sure you count them, and stir in water.  Can you get the water to turn yellow? You could then use it to dye some fabric.


What else can you do with a dandelion? Let me know what you do!  Here are some many dandelions can you find in 10 seconds, 1 minute.... make dandelion mudpies - I just know who is going to love making those!  for dandelion parachutes!



Take care, and enjoy the lovely weather over the weekend.  If you want to listen to a new story, Room on the Broom is now in Stories subpage for you.  Remember to join in with the WHOOSH!


Miss Stockford



Edward has completed his amazing ten laps a day for ten days, raising a staggering £!,500 for the NHS. We are all so proud of him - I know he found it tricky at times, but he kept going! Well done Edward, you deserve a big rest now!



Thursday 14th May 2020


Hi Merlins

I managed to find Alfie's house yesterday as he was our STAR OF THE WEEK. Did you see all his different learning last week.  He has been working hard at home, as well as having lots of fun at the same time, just like at school!  Have you managed to make a castle yet? Is there a different way you could make one, or perhaps you could draw or paint an inspiring one?  Can you build a tall tower for your castle and then measure it? Ask someone in your family to make one too, then find out whose is the tallest!


The RWI for the day focuses on ch, ow and ai.  I have placed the sheets in week 6 as before - lots of you enjoyed doing them yesterday!




There is an exciting competition for you to get busy with today as the closing date is TOMORROW! Please find the details below - there is a template in week 6 to help you!


Take care, and stay safe

Miss Stockford



Wednesday 13th May 2020


Today is Edward's final ten laps, raising money for the NHS! He has raised over£1400 so far! He has had to persevere to complete his laps each day - it is a long way round his garden, and it has been very hot at times!  Please send him best wishes and lots of support - he deserves it.



Welcome back Merlins!

I hope you are getting stuck in to your knights and castles? How about making a castle today - it could be a lego one, a cardboard box castle, using a table, or using a garden shed! I wonder if anyone could make a drawbridge? I can't wait to see your ideas. Make sure you write a sentence about it.

Try to complete a tricky words castle today too, colouring in the words you know straight away, then practise those you aren't so sure on. They are at the top of resources for Jack and the Beanstalk in week 6.  Have you listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk under Stories sub-page? If you aren't so keen on Jack and the Beanstalk - and I know who you are! - you might prefer Jack and the Jellybeanstalk!

RWI videos focus on th, igh and ow today - all really important sounds that we often muddle so make sure you remember to take part. There are some sheets to practice too!




Take care and stay safe

from Miss Stockford

Tuesday 12th May 2020


Today I will be thinking of Max, inspirational, mischievous and forever in my heart.  It was a privilege to have been a small part of his life. There are no words today, but I know, even if you did not know him, you will send loving thoughts to his family, Gemma, Adam and above all, his brother Zak.  If you are able, you can line the paths today in Westonzoyland in order to mark his final journey through the village, a small token to show our support and love for this very special boy, Max.

In memory of Max.

Celebrate the memory of Max by thinking of your own family. Draw an awesome picture of your own family and think of a special time together.


Take care, hug each other, and stay safe

Miss Stockford


Monday 11th May 2020


Happy Monday Merlins!

I hope you all enjoyed your street parties at home - the flags looked lovely, making the streets look so colourful. Make sure you check out the memorial at the Village hall donated by the Carnival Club. The jets are amazing - just like the ones we were labelling last week!  Edward is doing really well with his laps - now raised over £1000 - so well done to all those who have been able to donate.

This week our learning focuses on castles. There is some learning linked to Jack and the Beanstalk, as well as castles and knights for you to choose from. Remember you do not need to do all the sheets, choose those which are a challenge for you and something that you will enjoy! Please keep sending photos of how you celebrated VE Day so I can upload them. This will be done Tuesday as I am in school tomorrow.

For a little bit of fun you can check out the White Rose activities - we are really good at the maths, but the activities linked to the stories are fun. This week the activities are linked to The very busy spider by Eric Carle.


Remember to continue with your RWI phonics too, the videos are really good to practise, and you can write down all the words with that same sound!



take care and stay safe

Miss Stockford

Edward is doing so well with his ten laps a day.  He has nearly raised £1000. Can we help him to achieve this? I am so proud to have Edward as a Merlin; I know you are too. Perhaps you can save your pocket money for him or draw a picture of him running for the NHS to encourage him to keep going!






Please wish William R a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is now 5! It was his birthday yesterday! Look at his amazing birthday cake that mum made. We all know William loves giraffes! He had an awesome party with his brothers and sister.

Thursday 7th May 2020


Well, I hope you have all planned your house tea parties and ready for baking cakes! I have hung up my bunting ready. Now I have to decide what kind of cake we should make... I have also uploaded some special VE celebration phonics and maths to week 5 folder! I hope to have more photos of you wearing your amazing medals to put in your learning page for everyone to see.  

Remember tomorrow is the last day for entries for the British Legion drawing competition - send photos of your drawings to me!

Friday is, of course, a bank holiday to celebrate VE day, so there will be no additional learning placed on - I would love you to send photos of how you celebrate (VE Day not that there is no learning!!). Think of Edward too running his ten laps to raise money for the NHS.


Take care, and stay safe

from Miss Stockford



Edward has a just giving page for raising money at


He has already raised over £600. Make sure you send him lots of messages to keep him going!

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Well, Edward has measured his garden to see how long a lap is. Everyday he is running laps, inspired by Captain Tom Moore. Isn't that amazing? He is going to be busy using his maths to see how much money he can raise each day!

Today the sun is going to shine! How is your seed growing? Keep writing in your seed diary - I like how Eva-Rose has taken photos too to show their growth.  Today I have put a medal picture in the week 5 resources so you can design a medal for VE Day. What do you think will be important? Maybe the date, how many years ago people celebrated Victory in Europe or a picture of soldiers. It is up to you. Remember to keep sending in your entries for the VE day competition - we need them before Friday.


Have a great day

stay safe

from Miss Stockford

Can you guess what Edward is up to? It is this space!

Tuesday 5th May 2020


Hello Merlins!

I hope you are all busy making your VE Day bunting? Have you planned a tea party by your house on Friday? I have placed resources under week 5. Remember to get your pictures for the competition in by Friday as this is a bank holiday! I would like you to plan your tea party, what are you going to eat and drink? Do you need napkins and cups? Try and make it really special to remember Victory in Europe, 75 years ago!

I have also put up a Spitfire to label carefully.  Remember to use your sound mat, not ask a parent to tell you the sounds! Have you drawn your own plane yet? Have a go and send a photo.


Stay safe

from Miss Stockford


PS  I have uploaded more designs for VE Day bunting - thanks to Eva-Rose's mum for the link!



Monday 4th May 2020


Happy Monday! This week I would like you to find out about VE Day. I know some of you have been really busy with making bunting ready for Friday, and your streets are going to look amazing!  Try and find out about the airfield - can you draw a picture of an old plane - see if you can find any old photos - Mr Burge has been putting some on the Westonzoylanders site to help!  Remember to label your picture.


Take care

from Miss Stockford

Friday 1st May 2020


Happy Friday!

It has been an amazing week of learning, and from the learning page you can see all the photos that have been sent in.  Baking has become a really important part of our homelife - your photos have made me very hungry!

So many of you have been reading and completing your quizzes on Bug Club.  Well done to Alfie, George C, William D, Edward, Rupert, Vincent, Jack, George I, George B, Madeline and Oliver who have all zoomed this week.  A special mention to Jack who has completed his set challenge. Awesome learning Jack.  Your certificates are being flown to you!


Our special home learning star of the week is George I this week. He always thinks carefully of who he thinks should be star of the week and is completing his learning really carefully.  George, your certificate is on the way!


How are you getting on with your high frequency words? Remember to use to practise, or make up your own games to learn your words!


For outdoor learning, can you make an unusual rainbow - collecting different coloured petals or curved sticks to paint or painting stones in rainbow colours. I can't wait to see your designs!


Take care, and stay safe

from Miss Stockford

Superbly fantastic VE Day bunting as well as beautiful colouring to celebrate Captain Tom Moore's birthday by Edward

Thursday 30th April 2020


Happy birthday Captain Tom!

Do you know how old Captain Tom is today? Find out why he is a hero.  Who do you think is special?  I think it is amazing how he has raised so much money - and it is because everyone has been so inspired by his aim to raise money for the NHS.

I have put a colouring sheet on week 4 - you can think of Captain Tom's achievements whilst you colour!  Mrs Garbett has done an assembly too.

I have also uploaded the details of the VE day competition which the school is taking part in.  Remember to do your Bug Club and phonics today! And start thinking about our new Star of the Week.  I think it is going to be tricky this week because so many of you have been sending in photos of your amazing learning at home.


Take care, and stay safe

Miss Stockford


Wednesday 29th April 2020


Hi Merlins

Our plants and seedlings should be growing in the rain.  Why not put your wellies on and go for a puddle jumping walk as part of your exercise today - but only if it is safe to do so.  You may have heard that it is VE day soon. The village is planning to decorate streets with banners so all can see and celebrate as we can't have a big party. I am putting some blank banner templates in week 4 so you can start designing and colouring now. We will need lots of flags! Watch this space for a competition to mark VE Day too.

Remember to start writing in your seed diary to show how your seeds change. I am looking forward to seeing your books!


Take care, stay safe


Miss Stockford

News update! Look at Madeline's amazing weaving from ODL on Friday and how Eva-Rose grew a rainbow. Have a try yourselves and take a photo!

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Hi Merlins


Thank you for all your messages and photos yesterday. They made me smile, and I am really glad our super readers liked their certificates. I am sure there will be more this week!

Miss Hurley and Mrs Melinn both want to say hello, and well done for keeping yourselves and your families safe. We all miss you loads.  I know we have been in our homes for a long time now but you are all mini heroes because you are helping everyone to stay safe and well.  Perhaps you can design your own certificate for staying at home.

Have you got some seeds to plant? I have uploaded instructions to help you - see if you can read them by yourself.  There is also a diary booklet so you can draw and write what happens. The updates in week 4 also provide some resources so you can make your own role-play area of a garden centre - see what you can collect around the house and shed and stick prices on them. You can then practise your money counting, using 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p counting as well as £1 and £2 coins.  This is a really good time to practise money skills, if you haven't got a lot of change, then draw some pretend coins. I will upload some if it helps!

Remember to practise your handwriting - always starting at the correct place - ask a parent to draw a green dot where you need to begin if you are unsure - do you think they can do it as great as me?! You can practise with chalks or on a whiteboard if you have one.


I thought this was amazing, by our very own spiderman, so a special place for our thoughtful colouring and design for our brave NHS workers.

Have fun learning

keep safe

from Miss Stockford

Monday 27th April 2020


Hi Merlins,

Welcome to a new week of learning, and as promised, our work will focus on growing. Many of you are busy growing vegetables at home so I thought our book this week, Oliver's Vegetables, would link really well! Uploaded on week 4 is a link for a you tube video showing the story being read, as well as a selection of activities to choose from.  I have also added handwriting sheets as I know many of you are practising but like having the sheets. Always remember to start at the correct place - ask an adult if unsure - better to do a few correct than lots and lots the wrong way!


Remember to send me photos of your learning for your friends to see - this helps to choose the Star of the Week each time.  


I have been really impressed with how some of you are progressing with your Bug Club, and reading the questions carefully before answering the quizzes. I will be sending special certificates through to you as you complete the books set accurately. Congratulations to Edward, Jack, Rupert, Eva-Rose and Vincent who will be the first! There are some very close so keep reading!


Take care, and stay safe


Miss Stockford

Star of the Week Star of the Week Star of the Week Star of the Week  



Congratulations Eva-Rose. Your friends think you have worked really hard and love your St George's Day and dragon learning. A certificate is on the way!


Friday 24th April 2020


It's Friday!

I hope you are ready for outdoor learning. As the weather is so lovely, I thought you could think about how to stay safe in the sun. I have uploaded an information powerpoint within week 3, as well as templates to help you design a poster to help others to stay safe.

I found lots of wool in my cupboard this morning, so thought about weaving. Can you find some sticks and tie them together (or tape) before wrapping wool, string or elastic bands around. You could then weave in more wool, or leaves, flowers or anything else you can find. I can't wait to see what you make.




Remember to keep up with your phonics and Bug Club. I have uploaded some further activities to help apply reading and writing. I know how some of you love your sheets!


Have a great weekend - next week it's all about growing...have you got any seeds or seedlings ready?!


Take care, and stay safe

Miss Stockford

Thursday 23rd April 2020


It's St George's Day. What can you find out about this special day? I have uploaded some useful resources for you in week 3 learning, including a powerpoint of information.  There are some different activities to print, or to give you ideas. Parents please check before printing, some have the same template but slightly different designs, so just select one page to print!  

Remember to follow your RWI phonics online.  I know some children are really enjoying these, reminding them of their phonic groups at school, and then writing lists of words with that spelling pattern and applying within sentences. This will really help to settle back to school when the time comes.

If anyone is having difficulty accessing their Bug Club please let me know so I can resend your password. Some of you are really whizzing through and completing the quizzes brilliantly.  This really helps in applying the sounds you have been taught as well as increase your sight vocabulary in a gradual and progressive programme.  I am really enjoying the updates I receive so I can allocate more books!

I have added a template for 'when I grow up' so you can write what you would like to do when you grow up, just like Zog.

Please have your Star of the Week choice in by Friday lunchtime so I can then announce it on the website. I know Odin was so proud to receive his before the Easter break!


Keep the awesome photos coming, they are fantastic to see, and I can tell you are really enjoying the learning. 


Take care, and stay safe


Miss Stockford

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Hello everyone! 

I hope you are enjoying your dragon theme.   What was Zog's special skill?  We are all good at different things. What are you good at? Design a certificate explaining what you are good at - ask your family for their ideas - I am sure they will think of lots of things you are good at. 

Think about new things you learn. Can you draw a picture of what you could do when you were younger and now. You will surprise yourself of all the things you can do now that you couldn't do before. I can't wait to see your pictures - you can include photos too if you like!  I have uploaded a template if you wish to use it (week 3 resources), or design your own.


Have fun, stay safe


Miss Stockford

A beautiful Queen to celebrate the Queen's birthday

Tuesday 21st April 2020


Hi Merlins

It sounds you are enjoying the dragons theme. There are some lovely dragons being made - click on the children's learning to have a peep for ideas if you haven't made one yet. Today can you see if you can design a dragon's egg! You could paint a boiled egg, draw a design of an egg on paper, maybe make a papier mache one if you are brave, or find an oval pebble to decorate. A dragon's egg needs to be very special so be careful!

Today is the Queen's birthday, so I have placed some activities in week 3 so you can learn more about our Queen. 

Have fun, and stay safe

Miss Stockford

Monday 20th April 2020


Hi Merlins

I hope you had a lovely Easter, hunting and eating Easter Eggs and enjoying the lovely sun.  Lacey-Jo and Odin had their very special 5th birthdays. I am sure they had an amazing, but different, day. I had a lovely bike ride yesterday with my family to find all the scarecrows in the village. I know lots of you made one so could you send me a photo for the website? I already have a photo of George's! They were awesome, and will make a lot of people smile which is really important for a healthy mind.

I have put new learning linked to Zog, which you can watch on the bbc iplayer if you haven't got a copy of the book.


Have fun, take care and be safe


Miss Stockford


PS Rupert was keen to do some birdwatching, so I thought I would post on the activity for you all incase you want to be a bird spotter too!

Easter Holidays


Happy Easter everyone! I am sure we won't forget this one. Thinking creatively of Easter Egg hunts in the garden, maybe baking Easter biscuits or enjoying Easter crafts with your family. I have uploaded ideas, I know some parents want to continue a routine throughout now they have settled children into their home schooling. I will not be uploading more activities in the next two weeks, but will keep an eye on emails for anything urgent. Otherwise I will be back with you in two weeks time!

I hope everyone managed to get their essential Easter eggs in their restricted shopping list.

 Take care and stay safe


Miss Stockford



Please nominate a Merlin to be star of the week! You can choose someone who has been kind, a friend whose work you like on the learning page, or someone who is helping their family.  I will announce the Star of the Week Friday afternoon.

Friday 3rd April 2020


Hi Merlins, it's Friday!

Outdoor learning day!

Can you make a home for a minibeast, a dinosaur, alien or an animal of your choice? You can use stones, leaves, sticks, soil, pebbles, whatever you can find in the garden,as long as you have asked a parent! Draw a picture and label it for me.

Remember to think about your star of the week and let me know before lunch! It is great that you are deciding.

I have put some further challenges in week 2. Use the lined paper to write me 2 facts about butterflies, remembering your finger spaces.


take care, and stay safe



Miss Stockford


Thursday 2nd April


Can you believe it's Thursday already?

Lots of you are making the most of the weather and have been sowing seeds. Make sure you take photos to show me, and then when they start growing. I have been busy planting vegetable seeds for the garden and the allotment too!

I hope you are enjoying the Very Hungry Caterpillar - have you tried retelling the story in your own words - perhaps a parent can record you!  See if you can spot any butterflies outside in your garden.


Find out facts about how a caterpillar develops into a butterfly - I have put a slideshow in the resources for today, in week 2. You can then stick your own cycle.  There are some further challenges about butterflies for you to complete. Remember, when colouring your 2D shapes, say the name so you remember what each shape is called!


Happy learning

Keep safe



Miss Stockford



Mrs Garbett's birthday cake!

Wednesday 1st April


Hi Merlins!


It is the very first day of April.  It's a special day because it's Mrs Garbett's birthday. Can you make a card/picture and take a photo so I can email them to her? It will cheer her up as she is at home with Mr Garbett and can't have her birthday party.  Perhaps you could make a cake with a parent and show a photo? I love virtual cakes - not as tasty but I can pretend!


Keep sending your caterpillar pictures. What does a caterpillar turn into? Can you paint one, maybe in rainbow colours and send me a photo before putting it up in your window. I will then be able to see them on my way to work and make me smile. You could do a foldover one so it is symmetrical.


I have uploaded a sequence sheet for you to complete, or you could draw your own. ( week 2 sub-page) You can choose your writing, maybe your favourite food from the story, or something about caterpillars. Remember your finger spaces between words!  There is a lovely bordered sheet for you so you can draw an amazing picture to go with your writing. Enjoy!


Take care, and be safe


Miss Stockford

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Hi Merlins


Hope you are enjoying your caterpillar theme.

Can you make your own caterpillar today? Maybe use an eggbox or playdoh, pebbles, pompoms or paint/draw one and ask a parent to kindly photograph it for emailing. I would like to make a gallery of caterpillars for your friends to see!


Remember your phonics today - I enjoyed watching 'oo' yesterday, though I think we are much better and speedier!

Can you write as many words as you can with the short 'oo' sound?


Take care, and be safe


Miss Stockford


P.S. A big shout out to all our Merlins who have CHICKEN POX! Can you believe it? You must have all caught it in the last week we were at school.  We all wish you a speedy recovery, and remember, no scratching!

Caterpillar ideas

Monday 30th March 2020


Hi Merlins

This week our learning focuses on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Have you got the book to read? If not, I have put a powerpoint slide of the story, or you could go online and watch a retelling.  Can you tell the story to a family member in order, perhaps using some puppets you have made?

I have uploadaed resources to keep you busy, more to come.

Please try to watch the phonics session for your RWI, it's brilliant that this is now accessible for you all.


I can't wait to see what you have got up to over the weekend. Please draw a picture and write a sentence using your soundmat to help you. 


Also, have a go at the lego challenge; some children are already having a go - remember to write your label and sentence to go with it!


Take care, and keep safe


Miss Stockford

Read Write Inc Phonics at home


Ruth Miskin is placing daily phonic sessions on facebook and YouTube. These are available for 24 hours. This is a great way for children to continue their essential phonic skills following the school delivery rather than worksheets.

Most children will benefit from set 2 sounds, though some, such as Miss Hellyer's group - you know who you are! will benefit from set 3 speed sounds too,; My group will benefit from set 1 practise as well as set 2.

This will be a brilliant way to ensure continuity and progression at this time.


Free Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home; three short Speed Sound lessons every day.

From Monday 23rd March, films will show at the times below and be available for 24 hours.

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am

Please share with RWI schools and parents.

Films and resources for parents on

Daily updates on Facebook/Twitter for regular tips to support reading and writing at home.

Oxford Owls - reading books


An additional online source for reading can be found at, where a range of levelled reading books can be found, as well as support materials for reading at home.  I hope this helps those who are completing their books on Bug Club.


Creative Lego Challenge.... Let’s build it!!!

Here's Freddie Frog's den, helped by the rabbits and cats!

Friday 27th March 2020


Hi Merlins, it's FRIDAY! 

It's outdoor learning day. After your keep fit with Joe, and some phonic practise - have you made your own sound cards yet? - then it's learning outside in the garden if you can. Have you done the bug hunt yet, or finished the activities I put on the web page yesterday? If so, then you could build a pretend fire with sticks, create a den with sheets, a pattern with stones, or chalk a picture. I can't wait to see your ideas.


Take care, and keep safe

Miss Stockford


Freddie Frog made some doubles using pebbles. Can you guess the double?

(Cosmo the cat decided to learn too!)

Doubling with Freddie Frog

Thursday 26th March 2020


HI Merlins

I am so pleased to be receiving so many photos and messages from you. Please thank your parents for helping you. I hope you are helping them by doing jobs at home too. I would love to hear what you are doing.  Has everyone drawn or painted a rainbow for their window? I have seen some but would love to see more.  Remember it's the NHS clap tonight at 8pm too.


Yesterday Freddie Frog helped me plant potatoes, he did a double row of 6, which was 12 altogether. Can you practise your doubles today and let me know - either write the numbers, or draw ladybirds with spots on each side, or use stones or potatoes to show doubles. I will put your photos on the website for everyone to see!


Today as it's another sunny day - very frosty this morning - I would like you to do lots of learning on minibeasts. I have put some activities together to give you ideas. If you can't print them, write and draw on paper to show me what you are doing.


Take care, be safe

Love from 

Miss Stockford

Wednesday 25th March


Hello Merlins, it's another lovely day. Freddie Frog has been exploring the garden in the sunshine. Yesterday he saw 2 butterflies on a dandelion, a ladybird, 2 worms, 4 spiders, a green beetle and 6 slugs. How many bugs did you find?


Today he saw some frogspawn in the pond and wondered what it was. Can you help him find out? If you have a book or go online to find out more, please send a photo or of your writing/pictures. Thank you so much.

I have put some activities in the week 1 folder to help you.


Later, Freddie Frog is going to help me plant some potatoes. I wonder if you know a book about a potato. Can you send me a photo of you reading one?


Take care, and stay safe,


Love from

Miss Stockford

Freddie Frog explores the pond

Hello Merlin, today is Tuesday 24th March.

(I remembered what day it is for once, though I still need all your help by saying the days of the week in order!)


Freddie Frog is planning on doing some reading in the garden today. He wants to find out about tasty bugs. I wonder what you can find out? Let me know so I can tell Freddie Frog.


Take care, and keep safe.

Love Miss Stockford

Freddie Frog is finding out about bugs today

Due to the unfortunate school closure, I have put together a few activities that children can complete whilst at home. I appreciate that some people do not have access to printers/ internet/ craft materials etc so I have tried to suggest a variety of activities that can be completed. This page will be updated regularly however here are some activities that can be completed at any time.


Some of you may feel overwhelmed at this time, events have moved so quickly this week. Take time, for yourself, and your children. If you, or your child, needs extra cuddles, reassurance or time out to take stock, do so. Do not feel guilty. Yours, and your family's, wellbeing is paramount. Children do not learn if they don't feel safe. You can not provide that security if you are stressed. Please, please, do not feel pressured to be a teacher from 9 to 3. If I'm honest, I spend just as much time 'just being' with your children, developing relationships, confidence, self-esteem, emotional support, and above all, huge amounts of fun, of which is a huge part of early Years. There aren't worksheets for this, it't time, and time is the most precious thing (as well as cake) you can give. Be brave, be safe, have fun. I am here to help. (Once I can access that new email thing!!)


Reading should already be part of  your family’s learning routine; school schemed books as well as your own story books. Children can be encouraged to find the words they know, such as high frequency words, and apply their known sounds (set 1 and 2 RWI).   Please ask your child lots of questions to develop understanding as you go. Children have come home with a bug club password and code today, those absent will be sent theirs via Tapestry. I have shown children the books, and we have read a few together. Older siblings will be familiar with the site, but is new to Merlin. Bug Club can be accessed via the website listed below.


A little bit of writing each day will go a long way, so when, for example creating a model (lego is always a favourite) please ask your child to write a label, what they have made, and something about it. Most children can write sentences by themselves, with gentle reminders of finger spaces and using their sounds. We always encourage children to have their sound mat in front of them when writing. 


Short sentences about what they have done, or about the story they have read maintains interest, presenting work in mini books makes writing less scary so get the staplers at the ready, encouraging your child to create their own! The attached high frequency word list will aid in common words children need to spell (as well as read by sight) which don’t necessarily follow a phonetic pattern.  Children have loved writing facts about a dinosaur, they could challenge themselves to write short sentences about a different dinosaur, a farm animal or a zoo animal, or write about several, making their own books!


Counting everyday objects, adding two sets of objects together, taking away from a group of objects, counting forwards and backwards to 20, counting in tens, twos are all skills we have covered but need to be practised. Children representing their workings, drawing pictures of the objects counted and then writing the total, as well as more formal calculations using -+= are equally acceptable. The use of cbeebies and numberblocks are a great source of consolidating knowledge, and very popular with the children. 


I am very much looking forward to receiving emails and photos of your learning journeys - remember Joe's workout at 9am on Monday - my legs are already aching from this morning's workout!


With best wishes

Paula Stockford


Bug club: They provide electronic books that are specific to the child’s reading level and can be adjusted where necessary. All children will be provided with an individual log in for this.  - website free resources for EYFS

www.bbciplayer – numberblocks – wealth of education resources opened up for parents which cover all areas of the curriculum – free offer to access resources – great way of practising phonics and high frequency words within fun games – very popular at school!  Username: march20 Password: home