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Updated - 16.07.20


Good morning Eagles,


I hope you have enjoyed the last week of your WHOLE school year! If you have any pictures of what you have been doing and the hard work you have been completing I would love to see them.There won't be a zoom chat tomorrow as I think you deserve a rest from me.

Thank you so much for being the most amazing class to teach, it has been a real privilege.


Mr Warner



Hi Eagles,

I hope you have had a weekend full of fun. The weather has been amazing, so hopefully you all have been outside making the most of it.

As you all know, this is the final week of your school year in Eagle class. As my first class as a Teacher, I couldn't have wished for a better group of smart and amazing children to teach. Thank you all so much for an incredible year and it is one I will never forget.

I know Mrs Williams also really enjoyed the year working with you, as she always had something nice to say about each and everyone of you.


Mr Warner


Good morning Eagles,


I hope you all have had a relaxing weekend and that you are keeping safe and having fun. I just want to say how much I enjoyed seeing you all at the picnic on Friday and that it was such a nice way to celebrate our year together. I'm sure you will all smash it next year.


Mr Warner



Mrs Williams and I just want to say a massive thank you to you all for our amazing picnic. We both have said how lucky we have been to teach you all this year and how the picnic was a lovely way to finish. It was also a really nice way for some of you to meet your new teacher, Mr Goodchild. I am confident that you all will make a huge success of next year. 


Below are some pictures from the picnic, sadly there are none from the water fight as I was constantly being attacked!


Mr Warner




Good morning Eagle class,


I can't wait to see you all later for our picnic. It is going to be so much fun! As we are celebrating our year together in Eagle class I have decided not to set you any work today.


Mr Warner


Hi Eagles,

I hope you all are having a fun week and working hard. Just to let you know the weather is looking fine tomorrow so the picnic will definitely go ahead. I am really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Mr Warner


Good morning Eagles,


Pinch, punch first of the month! Where has this year gone??? I hope you are all having a fun week and working hard still. I am really excited to see you all on Friday, it will be so much fun to celebrate the year with you.


Mr Warner


Good morning Eagle class,

I hope you had an enjoyable Monday. Just a quick reminder about our Zoom chat today at 10.15am, I have sent out an email reminder of the Zoom chat details. I look forward to seeing you then. Just bring a pencil and paper.


Mr Warner


Hi Eagle class,

I hope you have had a fun weekend and feel recharged for this week. I just want to remind you about the Zoom chat organised for Tuesday at 10.15. And I am really excited for our picnic on Friday. Remember, you can't get me wet with your water pistols!!!


Mr Warner


Good morning everyone,


I hope you all are having a lovely week and have enjoyed making the most of the weather. I am in school on Friday visiting Kestrel class as they are having their picnic. I still really want to do our Zoom chat, so to fit it in it will need to in the afternoon at 2.30pm on Friday if that is ok.

I look forward to seeing you then,


Mr Warner


Good morning,


I hope you all feel recharged and ready for another week of hard work. In maths we are still focusing on fractions and in English we are doing some writing about refugees, as it was Refugee Week last week. I have also put up some French work for you to have a go at.

Have a lovely week and I look forward to our Zoom chat at the end of the week.


Mr Warner

Good afternoon Eagles,


I hope you all enjoyed doing all the sports week activities and are now able to relax over the weekend. I had a fantastic time on our Zoom chat on Friday, where you all managed to hunt down and find some amazing items.

You are all still working hard and it is really nice to see all the pictures of your hard work.


Mr Warner


Good afternoon Eagles,


I hope you all have had a fun week doing all the sports week activities. I know I have had fun in school doing them. Our Zoom chat will be at 10am tomorrow, I will be sending out an email later with confirmation of the meetings details.


I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Mr Warner


Good morning everyone. I hope you are all looking forward to partaking in Westonzoyland's first ever virtual sports week. Thank you all for your hard work creating activities, shields, slogans and mascots for the sports week, they were all amazing.

For the list of activities that have been chosen to do during sports week head to You can then see when to do each activity, please allow time to do these on top of the other set work.

Please send me pictures or videos of all the activities you have done. Good luck, I am sure you will be fantastic.


Mr Warner



Good morning Eagles,


I hope you are having a lovely weekend. I really enjoyed reading Gangsta Granny to you on our Zoom chat on Friday and it was great to see all your drawings from the book.

I am really looking forward to this week as it is our virtual sports week. I hope you enjoy it and give it a really good go. Please send me pictures of you doing the activities as I would love to see them.


Mr Warner


Good morning Eagle class,


I have missed being in touch with you all. I hope you all are doing ok and that you have been able to enjoy being outside in the lovely weather. 

It has been a busy time for me over the last couple of weeks looking after my baby. I can confirm the babies name is Owen Matthew Warner and we are loving every minute with him. I might add later a folder with photos of him.

Please send me any pictures showing what you have been up to as I would love to see them. 

I will set up a Zoom chat for Friday at 10am, it would be nice to see as many of you as possible. I will send an email out with the information.

Hopefully we will see everyone soon,

Mr Warner

WB 15.06.20 - Westonzoyland’s Virtual Sports Week

As you know, during this term we would have usually had our sports day, which will unfortunately not be able to go ahead this year. However, we have been thinking about how we can provide the children with a chance to showcase their sportsmanship values, to get active and to have lots of fun doing so. Therefore, we would like to propose Westonzoyland’s first ever virtual sport’s week! Our Virtual Sports week will be held on the week beginning: 15.06.20.


We want all children to be involved with this process, whether they are at home or at school. Firstly they will work together to create ten activities for children to compete in.  Then, in the following week, we will be asking children to send it their photos or videos of them taking part in the events.  We are even going to be asking children to design their very own house mascots and slogans for our sport’s week.


We are hoping that by opening the planning and designing process to the children, we can make sure that everyone takes part in some aspect of the week. Our aim is for the children to connect with each other and to highlight just how amazing the Westonzoyland children are!


Every child who takes part in any aspect of the week will win points for their house and at the end of the week we will be awarding the Sport’s Day cup to the house with the most points across the planning, designing and participation aspects.

On the main class page menu there will be a sport’s week section where you will be able to see the events as they all happen.  We will be starting next week by providing time during home and school learning for children to engage in the planning process, we hope that this will be exciting and will motivate the children to all join in.  

Please keep your eye on your class page for more information.



Hello Eagle class,

I have created a folder for a challenge I think you may like to do over half term. Please have a look as it is for a good cause and should be good fun.

Also, I just want to wish you all a happy half term, make the most of the nice weather and still try and keep safe. Hopefully it won't be long till we see everyone again.


Mr Warner


Afternoon Eagle class,


I hope you are all well and making the most of the weather. I'm looking forward to seeing the work you have been doing this week and hearing about how you have been spreading kindness this week.

I just want to say a big thank you to all those who joined the zoom chat, we had a really fun time making parrots. All the photos of their hard work are in the celebrating you folder.


Mr Warner 



Good morning Eagle class,


I hope you are all enjoying the weather and are making the most of going outside. I just want to remind everyone of the zoom chat tomorrow at 11am. I have sent out an email explaining what you will need and the information to join the chat.

I also want to highlight the National Book Token competition that is running now. All the information you need is in the Week 7 folder, this includes templates to help start your token designs. The closing date for entries is on the 28th June.


Good luck with your designs,

Mr Warner 



Good morning Eagle class,


I hope you all have had a fun weekend and have recharged your batteries for learning this week. Please don’t forget the Zoom chat is at 11am.

This week is an important week as it is Mental Health awareness week. This couldn’t come at a more appropriate time as we are all suffering from the restrictions of the lockdown and the strains this puts on us. The focus of this week is on kindness, which is such an amazing theme as we are all capable of being super kind to others.


I would like you all, as an additional task for the week, to do at least one act of kindness for each day of the week. This could range from sharing pictures of cute animals, writing a letter to someone saying how amazing/fantastic they are, contact someone you know who maybe lonely during this time or it could be a video call to a friend where you could play a game together.


Please visit this website,, as it is full of amazing suggestions and ideas to keep you active and happy.


Mr Warner



I hope you all are having a well deserved break over the weekend. I am in  the process of sending out an email for the zoom chat tomorrow, I'm excited to see you all again. 

Please keep sending more pictures of what you have been up to, as the rest of the class will love to know what you have been up to.


See you tomorrow,

Mr Warner

14.05.20 Competition poster



Good morning Eagle class,


I am giving you a fun daily task today, as I have just been made aware of a competition to help Sedgemoor Council redesign their reception area. They are asking children in local schools to create designs for this area. If you are interested then you will need to get designing quickly as the closing date is tomorrow, Friday 15th.


There is a template to help you below, good luck.


Mr Warner


Competition Template



Good morning Eagle class,


I hope everyone is still keeping motivated with work and finding ways to have fun. You all have done brilliantly so far, so please keep it going as it is so important for next year.

Don't forget about the Zoom chat this coming Monday, I am thinking of exciting things to do, so you won't want to miss out! 


Mr Warner




Good afternoon Eagle class,


I have just finished the first Zoom chat with some of you and it was so much fun to see you all again. We agreed that we would have another Zoom chat next Monday where we will do some sort of activity. If this needs to change I will let you know. I will send the password and ID in an email again on Sunday.


Mr Warner



Good morning Eagle class,


I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Just a quick reminder that I will be doing a zoom chat tomorrow at 11. I will be sending out an email with the code and password later today, so you can join if you want to.


Mr Warner



Good morning Eagle class,


VE day is tomorrow, I hope you all have been busy with the bunting and other preparations you might be making. Mrs Garbett has also been very busy with her assemblies this week as she has uploaded a VE day assembly on her page, which is well worth watching. 


Enjoy your bank holiday,


Mr Warner 


Good Morning Eagle class,


I hope you are having a fun week and staying motivated. The weather is better for the next few days, so hopefully you can have fun outside as I know it must be hard staying in doors all day.

I have planned something fun for Monday that we can all enjoy. At 11am, I will be doing a Zoom chat for anyone that wants to attend. It will be great, as we can see everyone again and talk about whatever we want. 

I will be sending out the meeting code and password via email along with some guidelines for the chat. If you have any queries please contact me on the class email and I will answer as best I can.


I look forward to seeing you on Monday,


Mr Warner


Good afternoon Eagle class,


As I'm sure you are aware that it is VE day on this Friday, which is a Bank Holiday. As Friday is a Bank Holiday I won't be setting any normal work for you to complete, however I will set a fun task.


Can you please research about VE day and why it is so important to us and other countries. You can present this however you like, so it could be a poster, powerpoint, fact cards or drawings and models. Also, as we can't go out and about to celebrate I have uploaded below a poster and some fun bunting you can colour in and decorate your houses with.


Keep up your hard work and stay safe,


Mr Warner



Good morning Eagle class,


I hope you all have had a lovely weekend relaxing. It was a shame the weather wasn’t great, but I hope you still managed to have fun.

It is nice to see that you are still working hard and being creative with activities around the home. Keep working hard and going on TT rockstars and Bug Club as they will help build on your learning.

This week, as an extra activity I would like you to do some creative writing. I would like you to write about the first thing you would choose to do when the corona virus lockdown is over. This may be to visit family and friends or it could be going to the beach. You need to include exciting language, descriptive words, check your SPAG and please focus on neat handwriting.

Please visit the link below to BBC Bitesize, they upload a daily lesson for any year. It is a really good resource for building on children’s learning. I will also add it to the useful websites on the class page.


Mr Warner



Good afternoon Eagle Class,


I hope you all have been busy this week so far. It has been such a shame about the weather, I hope this hasn't stopped you from having fun too much.

I hope you have all been wishing Colonel Tom a happy birthday, if you have made a birthday card I would love to see it. I hope you are all working hard on the time capsule, it will be fantastic to look back on this time in the future.


Mr Warner


Good afternoon Eagle class,


Just a quick update on the TT rockstar battle we were challenged with by Kestrel class. We scored 5110 and they scored ................... 2523! Well done on your hard work as we smashed it!!!


Mr Warner



Good morning Eagle class,


I hope you are all managing Ok on this wet and miserable morning. I know some of you are getting bored being stuck at home and with the rain today. So I thought I would find some websites that provide some fun quizzes that you can take part in. There is a mix of quizzes including football, dinosaurs, birds and the Stone Age.The link for the quizzes can be found in the Useful Websites icon.

I hope this might help keep you entertained. Please also don't forget about TT rockstars as you can game against each other.


Mr Warner



Good morning Eagle class,


I hope you all had a fun weekend relaxing and staying safe. I have really missed not coming to school and seeing all of you, hopefully it won’t be too much longer as I know you will be missing your friends and school WORK. This week to help you and others, you could write a letter to or phone a family member or friend to brighten up their day.

I have heard from a lot of you letting me know how hard you are working, which has been fantastic. I can’t say enough about how important your effort is, as this will help you so much when we are all back in school.

I have created a file of useful websites which you can access to aid you in your learning. I will be adding to this regularly, so please keep an eye out.

Also, as it was someone's special day last Friday, please go to celebrating you and then the birthday section to find out who it was. 


Mr Warner


Good morning Eagle class,


I hope you are all well and managing to adjust back into home learning mode. I hope you are able to make the most of this lovely weather by being active in your gardens as well. Have fun maybe doing some football, yoga, building an assault course, scavenger hunt or just some bat and ball. 

I have also found a very useful website for anyone who wants to extra English writing or reading work, This website is full of activities on different books and authors for any age.


Mr Warner


Good Morning Eagle class,


I hope you all had a fantastic Easter holiday and are still managing to keep yourselves entertained.


I have had a number of requests for TT rockstar accounts, but as you might see Mrs Bell has challenged us on our class page to beat Kestrel class. The more people playing the more chance we will have to beat them, which I am sure we can do!


As of today I will be uploading new content to our class page again, so home learning is in full swing. If there is any extra work you want please contact me and I will sort this out for you.


Keep staying safe and having fun,


Mr Warner

Eagle class v Kestrel class

Dear Eagle class,


Shhhh! Don't tell Mr Warner that I have hijacked his page! 

I am challenging you all to a TT Rockstars battle. I warn you, Kestrel class are pretty amazing and I know that we will win! Log in here to contribute to Eagle classes' points:


Good luck ( you are going to need it! Bahahaha devil*evil laugh!)


Love Mrs Bell x

Easter Notice

Good morning Eagle class,


As you know your Easter Holidays are starting next week. In light of this, I won't be setting any home learning over the holidays as you all deserve a well earned break. I will start setting work again for home learning on Monday 20th April.


However, I have set up an Easter Holiday section with useful websites and packs for activities anyone wants to do over the holiday period. I would love to see any pictures and hear about any news so I can post them to our class page so we can see what everyone has been up to.


Over the Easter Holiday the class email will only be checked once a day, which is for important or urgent messages only.


Mrs Williams and I want to wish everyone a lovely Easter Holiday, full of fun whilst trying to keep safe. 

Good afternoon Eagle class,


I have created an account on Times Tables Rockstars for everyone. This is a great resource to practice and learn times tables, where you can also test yourselves against anyone else that has an account. Please email me for your log in details if you are interested.

Have a relaxing weekend after working hard and keep safe.


Mr Warner

Good Morning Eagle Class,


Well done on completing your first week of home schooling. I have been really impressed with the effort you have all been putting in. Some of the stuff I have been sent has been brilliant, so keep it going.


Please have a relaxing weekend and stay safe.


Mr Warner

Good Morning Eagle Class,

I hope everyone is managing to stay safe and still have fun. I know it is difficult to get much exercise in with the restrictions that have been put in place but I have been made aware of a great resource for this. On Youtube, between 9-9.30 there is a live stream available on Joe Wicks's channel. Please give it a go as it is a lot of fun.


Mr Warner

Dear parents/carer


Due to the unfortunate school closure, I have been putting together some work activities the children can complete whilst being at home. I know this will be a hard time for all and I appreciate that some children will not have access to this work as they may not have computers/printers etc. Therefore, work has been sent home as a pack if required.

I will be updating the webpage regularly with more work and information. Please keep in contact via the class email if you want more work, to share any pictures of what you are getting up to or for special occasions, such as birthdays.

A pack has been created to get the children going, which includes a spellings sheet of common exception words, the first English task and a SPAG mat.


I hope everyone keeps safe and well,


Mr Warner and Mrs Williams


Here is a list of activities children can be doing at any time.



Daily reading, where possible up to 30 minutes, of any home book or piece of information on a website.

Also access to bug club,, provides electronic books that are specific to the children’s reading level. This can also be adjusted where necessary.




Year 3/4 common exception words: practice these using different strategies. Write down the definitions then use that word to write a sentence.

You can do as many in a day as you want, or use it as a word of the day to focus on.




There will be a weekly SPAG mat uploaded for you to work throughout the week.

Also, look at some activities on to further challenge yourself.




Any writing is encouraged over the period of time the school is closed. We have been focusing recently on the differences between the Stone Age and what life is like now.

Work will be set as weekly tasks where possible, focusing on producing leaflets, posters, powerpoints or more creative tasks, such as building models.

Please write a diary, so you keep track of everything you have been doing. Make sure you update it daily! You never know who may want to read about it in 20 years’ time.

Also challenge yourself with any of the suggested activities on literacy shed,




Children have been set up on where they can play an array of games to become quicker at recalling timestable facts. Scores will be recorded so you will know when you beat your personal best. Children have been shown this website so are familiar with it.




I will be uploading regular worksheets for maths, for both year 3s and year 4s. For the first two weeks the focus of the worksheets is on money and time.

To help get more familiar with time and money you can access games on


Other resources


Topic: You will find an exciting range of activities on You can even research other topics that you find interesting.

Computer coding: Please also look on for activities to complete.