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Hobby – Miss Grant (Year 5/6)

Welcome to Hobby Class



Hobby Teaching Team:

Miss Grant

Mrs Williams


Hello and welcome to Summer term 1 in Hobby class.


Our topic this term is 'Secrets of Sedgemoor' where we are going to learn about all living things and their habitats in science, programming in computing, collage in art and local history, including the Battle Of Sedgemoor.  

In English this half term we will practising some description and looking at informal writing techniques, including contractions, question tags and parenthesis.

In Maths this half term, we will be working on statistics as well as consolidating our place value and fractions, decimals and percentages knowledge. 

Our Wider World topic is 'Families and Caring Relationships' where we will be learning about how to maintain healthy and happy relationships and what to do if we do not feel safe or happy.


Our P.E lessons are on Mondays, so please could children ensure they come in wearing their P.E kits on this day. This half term our unit is 'Dance' where we will be working on skills such as interpreting music through movement, choreographing and providing supportive yet effective feedback to one another. 


Homework will be set on Mondays and we would like it to be handed in the following Friday. This means the children can spend their weekends with family and friends and enjoy a break from school work.

Reading records have now moved online and children have had their log in details for this - these will be checked on a Monday. Children are expected to read at least 4 times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes.        

9.6.22 - Today we were visited by the One Tree refugee project where we heard from people who have travelled across the globe to settle in the UK. We were completely inspired and in awe of these incredible individuals.

7.6.22 - Take a look at our sketches of Buckingham Palace in celebration of the Queen's 70th Jubilee. We worked really hard on our sketching skills, making sure we had symmetrical patterns and details. Some of us chose to shade and some of us chose to use watercolours to complete our art work.

24.5.22 - Look at our fantastic art work of the Cavaliers and Roundheads. We have been practising our sketching skills and this fit brilliantly with our history work on the English Civil war.

29.4.22 - We had great fun in Science this afternoon finding out how yeast can be classed as a living micro-organism!!

8.4.22 - We have been designing, planning and learning all about cam mechanisms this half term. Here are some pictures of us putting our moving toys together!

16.3.22 - Today we were visited by Laura from Kooth. She spoke to us about the difference between physical and mental health, ways in which we can support our wellbeing and the work that Kooth does to support young people.

3.3.22 - As part of our Science unit this half term, we have been learning about the life cycle of stars and today we made constellations out of marshmallows.

28.2.22 - Today was our Superhero WOW day!! We completed a range of activities from creating our own comic pop-art, deciphering codes, designing our own superheroes and some agility superhero training!

7.2.22 - Mr Barnett came in to speak to year 6 today all about online safety. We had some incredibly valuable discussions about reliable and trustworthy internet use, legal ages and settings on apps, online friendships, our legal responsibility at the age of 10 and the impact our digital footprint.

4.2.22 - In history this half term we have been learning about the Mummification process; to see how this worked, we mummified tomatoes in a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda. We pulled out the insides, buried them in the mixture and then wrapped them up like mummies.

1.2.22 - In Art this term, we have been learning how to sketch portraits; we finished our work this week by turning these sketches into clay Egyptian death masks - don't they look amazing!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I am so proud of the children's sewing work over the last couple of weeks. They have worked incredibly hard planning felt decorations and then practising their stitching, before creating these beautifully stuffed pieces!


Carefully, the poppies lay over all who passed in the war

As the poppies sway in the gentle breeze, the dead lay in peace

As the poppies bloom, they remind me of the blood lost from soldiers in the war

As the soldiers rest beneath the ground, the red poppies cover the battlefield like a duvet

As the sky sheds tears, the poppies awake from their slumber

As the poppies dance in the cold breeze, they pose in the sunlight like soldiers

The crosses stand guard over the dead bodies in their graves

The crimson petals on the apple green stems are reaching for the sun

The engraved plaques on the white marble wall watch over the essence of the dead soldiers


By Year 6


10.11.21 - For Science week, today we created our very own 'invisible ink' messages by using lemon juice. We heated our paper up and watched our secret messages reveal themselves as oxidation took place!!

4.11.21 - We went on a fantastic walk around the village, taking rubbings, leaving a remembrance wreath at the church and battlefield as well as getting 'stuck in' to nature (literally!!)

3.11.21 - Today we made our own obstacle courses to challenge our classmates! It was great fun jumping hurdles, throwing bean bags and javelins as well as competing in sack races.

3.11.21 - Today we made fresh, wood-fire pizzas for lunch!!

2.11.21 - Today we learnt about the different types of fires (cross, log cabin, lean-to, tee-pee) and had a go at making our own, toasted marshmallows and had some hot chocolate!

1.11.21 - Today was a messy day!! We enjoyed getting muddy in the garden area (good job MOST of us had spare clothes)!!

1.11.21 Today we built shelters on the fields in teams. Prizes will be handed out on Friday for the largest, the best looking and the most stable. More pictures to follow!

This term we have been learning all about electrical circuits. Today we had a go at making our own switches using our knowledge of insulators and conductors.

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