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Friday 15th May 

Happy Friday everyone! Today we have a bit of vocabulary for English and a 'finding all the possibilities' problem for Maths. In science today, head over to BBC bitesize for a lesson on animals and how they are classified. Have a great day and I hope to see you at 2pm on zoom  :) 

English: vocabulary


Just like previously,


1. Research the word and understand its meaning.

2. Use the word in a sentence. (See if you can use it when talking to someone in your household.)

3. Draw a picture to accompany the new word that has been learnt.


  Meaning Sentence           Picture







For your maths today, I would like you to have a go at some problem solving! See if you can find all of the possibilities for the problem below, and see if you can explain how you know you have all of them! Good luck! 


Science: Animal groups

For our science lesson today, I'd like you to head over to the BBC bitesize daily lessons to learn all about animals and how they are classified if you are year 2, or vertebrates and invertebrates if you are a year 3 (although I've looked through and I'm happy for you to do either). I was inspired by all of the new puppies and baby rabbits that I know many of you are looking after! 


Year 2

Year 3