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Good morning,

I hope you've all had a lovely week so far! Today is Zoom day!! I will see you at 11am for a good catch up and some craft fun.

This time next week will be our picnic day! I best get out and buy a water gun!!

Keep looking after yourselves.

Miss Grant x



Year 4s, today you are going to be recapping the difference between formal and informal language. Click on the link to find a reminder and scroll down to see your activities for today:


Year 5s, today you're looking at parenthesis. Just like the year 4s, watch the video as a reminder and then scroll down to find your activities:


Year 4s, today we are going to be looking at 3D shapes, including nets! Do you know what a net is? (No I don't mean one that you throw a ball into or catch a fish in!)

Year 5s, today you're going to be looking at regular and irregular polygons. Here's a link that explains what they are:

Topic - Music

Today I would like you to listen to a piece of music of your choice (if you want a challenge - get your parents or grandparents to pick the piece of music for you!) I would like you to listen to the music very carefully and have a go at completing the questions below:

What is the title of the piece?

Who is the performer(s)? 

Who is the composer/writer?

What year was it composed/written?

What is the genre/type of music?

What instruments can you hear?

What is the tempo? How fast or slow is the music? Describe any changes during the piece.

Dynamics: Are there quiet and loud parts? If so, where?

What word would you use to describe this piece?

Does the music sound happy or sad?

Did you like the piece? Explain why or why not.