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Happy Friday Ospreys, 

That means it's Zoom day again! I hope you're ready for lots of quiz fun. laugh

I hope you have all had a lovely week and that you are keeping safe in the sunshine! Look after yourselves and drink plenty of water!!

If I don't see you at 11am then have a wonderful weekend. 

Miss Grant x



If you could have any fictional character as your best friend, who would you choose and why? What would you do together?



Today we are going to be identifying angles. Watch the clip to learn more about: right angles (like the corner of a piece of paper), acute angles (they are really small and cute), obtuse angles (bigger than a right angle) and reflex angles that are bigger than a straight line):

Year 5s, if you want a challenge and have a protractor at home - do you think you could have a go at measuring the angles in challenge 2?

Topic - Outdoor Learning/Art

Today I have an activity that you can have a go at from your garden or is perfect for the weekend if you are planning on getting out on a walk. What types of trees can you spot? Use the identification sheet to help you name them:

Can you find a range of leaves to do some leaf rubbings with? Crayons work brilliantly (I have had a go with a pencil but it's not quite so clear - some leaves worked better than others!). Place the leaf underneath your piece of paper, turn your crayon on its side and rub over the top gently to get the best result!