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Happy Friday!

It's the last day of Sports Week, scroll down to find the final events! Make sure you send in your photos so that we can award you your house points!! If you've missed any challenges from earlier in the week feel free to send those in too Ospreys. 

Don't forget that it is Father's Day this Sunday, join my Zoom at 11am and we can make a card together. (Homemade ones are always the best!)

Miss you all,

Miss Grant x



Today we are going to use those notes that we collected yesterday! You are going to turn these into full paragraphs to create a newspaper report all about the first man on the moon. Can you challenge yourself to use some direct AND reported speech?

(I have attached a writing template below if you would like it.)


Year 4s, today I have some problems involving decimals. Choose the challenge you are happiest with but don't be afraid to challenge yourself!

Year 5s, today we are going to recap converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. Remember that a percentage is always out of 100! 

Topic – Art

Today we are going to have a look at some Anglo-Saxon art: There are a variety of activities for you to have a go at today, all of which are nice and relaxing for a Friday blush

Sports Week:

It's the last day of Virtual Sports Week sad This means you have to give it all you've got, get those challenges completed and send in your pictures and videos - every point counts!!

Here are today's events: