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Happy Friday!

That means I will see you at 11am! I hope you’ve all had a fab week, don’t forget to show me the wonderful work and fun things you’ve been up to! Especially those Sports Week entrances!

Miss Grant x



What is your favourite book? 

Today I would like you think about your favourite book and tell me what would happen if the ending didn't turn out the way it was written. Re-write the ending of your story but try to keep the style the same - is it a comedy or adventure book? Is it formal or informal? Is it written in first, second or third person? It might be helpful to have the book in front of you. 



The BBC Bitesize links have seemed popular this week so here are today's:

Year 4s, you are going to be looking at hundreths today.


Year 5s, today you are being introduced to thousandths. Watch the clip and have a go at the activities.



Topic – Science

I wanted to give you a practical Science task this week, however, as I don't know what resources/ingredients you have available at home I have decided to give you a few options.  I hope you manage to complete one of them. Enjoy!

Virtual Sports Week Challenge 4:

Here is your fourth task: write a slogan. 

Remember that completing these activities earns your house points!