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Good morning Osprey class!

I am so excited for our Zoom call this morning, it is at 11am as usual. 

Today I have some more fractions work for you (yipee!) and in English we are going to complete our final piece of descriptive writing using the 'show don't tell' technique. 

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

Miss Grant x


Look at the picture below and think about who this character may be, where they have come from and what they are doing up the mountain. Using the technique you have learnt this week, about implying meaning rather than stating the obvious, write a paragraph describing this setting and the person within it. Can you challenge yourself to try and include some similes, metaphors and personification?


Year 4s, today I would like you to compare fractions. Watch the video clip to remind you and then scroll beneath to find the activity.

Remember those crocodiles (<, >) always want to eat the bigger, juicier number!


Year 5s, today I would like you to look at comparing and ordering fractions. Just like yesterday, watch the video clip and then scroll beneath to find the activities.

Topic – PE

I have another PE challenge for you this week! The plank challenge!

I recommend giving this a go outside!

Get yourself into the plank position. Ask a grown up to place a glass or a cup of water on your back. This will encourage you to stay still and keep your back straight. How long can you stay in position without spilling the water? Can anyone in your family beat your time? I’d love to see some photos or videos of this!

Optional PSHE

Here is an extra, optional PSHE activity for anyone who would like it.