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Updated 19.04.2020

English Task – Week 3


The focus for your English task this week is to plan and write a recount from your time over the Easter holidays. Use the recount checklist to help.

I would like you to focus on taking time to plan your recount, which needs to include an introductory paragraph, 2 main paragraphs focusing on any event that has happened during your holiday and then a paragraph concluding your holiday.


  • Day 1 – Plan your recount using either a spider diagram or a table. Must include 4 sub topics (introductory paragraph, 2 main paragraphs and a conclusion).
  • Day 2 – Write your introductory paragraph.
  • Day 3 – Write your first main paragraph. Highlighting a key event that has happened during your Easter holiday.
  • Day 4 – Write your second main paragraph. Highlighting another key event.
  • Day 5 – Write your conclusion. A paragraph that sums up everything you have done. Make a link to the introductory paragraph.




  • Draw or build a recreation of an event that has taken place over your holiday.


Useful website: