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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’


Some resources to support the suggested activities given on the first page...


* Elmer is part of a herd of elephants. Can you think of other collective nouns for different animals? 

* Look at the first illustration. Can you describe how the elephants are similar / different?


* Make alliterative sentences involving types of animals, e.g. an extraordinarily excited elephant, a long lazy lion. 

This BBC link helps teach children about aliteration. 

* Try some role play activities from Elmer's point of view... How does he feel about being different? Why did he decide to paint himself grey with berry juice?
* Try role play activities from the other elephants' point of view... How do they feel about Elmer? How did they feel when we turned grey and then surprised them all. How do they decide how to decorate themselves on Elmer Day?

* Use these activities to help think of speech / thought bubbles for the elephants and other animals.

* Make an invitation to the other elephants, asking them to celebrate Elmer Day.

* There are lots of adverbs in the story, e.g. quietly, usually. Can you find any more? Can you describe what adverbs are? Can you make some sentences which include adverbs?