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Updated: 30.3.20



This week we are going to focus on poetry, the theme for our poems this week will be Spring/Easter. Have a think about what Spring means to you and what you associate with Easter. Personally, I think of daffodils, lambs, chicks, freshly cut grass and chocolate eggs!


Monday: Acrostic poems.

Tuesday: A rhyming couplet poem.

Wednesday: Repetition poem.

Thursday: A Kenning poem.

Friday: Find a way to present your poem to the class. You could write it up neatly with illustrations, video yourself reading it, do a voice recording or type it up on the computer. I would love to create a folder on our class page with all of our Spring/Easter poems. I'll also upload mine next Friday!!


Here is an example of each of these poems but there are lots on the internet if you would like some more to help you.




Some poetry help if needed:


Monday: Acrostic poems

Hopefully you remember these from last year but here is a little video to watch which explains them very clearly: 


Tuesday: A rhyming couplet poem

I have put together a document to help you with these, I have added a few more examples which should help you to understand them - they are really fun to put together and can be as silly or as sensible as you want. 


Wednesday: Repetition poem

Personally, I think these are the hardest to write, they can be as long or as short as you want but they have something in them that is repeated a lot. Here is a site where they are explained in much more detail:


Thursday: A Kenning poem

This is one you may not have heard of so I have attached a Powerpoint all about Kennings and how to write them, have a quick read to help you out.