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English Task – Week 2

The focus for our week 2 English task is to investigate Stonehenge and the Bronze Age. The aim is to produce either a poster or a PowerPoint that includes relevant facts about the 5 main areas to focus on. Each focus point will need to be researched about and then added to the poster/PowerPoint. I have split them into days to make it more manageable.


  • Day 1: When and how was Stonehenge built/finished? Explain how the materials were transported and from where?
  • Day 2: What was it built and used for? There are many theories about this, write about a couple.
  • Day 3: How does this compare with how Stonehenge is used today? Tourism, Summer solstice etc.
  • Day 4: Why is it called the Bronze Age? When was it? And what changes did this create for early humans?
  • Day 5: What is a barrow? What was found in barrows in the Bronze Age? What information would this tell us about the people buried in the barrow?



  • Build a paper model of Stonehenge.
  • Match the barrow (grave goods) items to the description.
  • Write about or draw any further information you would like to include about Stonehenge or the Bronze Age.


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