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Slides to help with the daily activities.

Refugees – English Week 11


Last week was international refugee week. It is really important that we understand what is happening in the world around us. Which is why in English this week we will be linking with some topic subjects to learn all we can about refugees and how we can help them. 


Day 1: First 3 slides, what is the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee? Research - What can be the causes of someone becoming a refugee? Where in the world do a lot of refugees come from?


Day 2: Slides 4+5, design your own poster welcoming a refugee to our school and research and write down all about the companies that help refugees by clicking on their name on slide 5.


Day 3: Slides 7-10, read about these famous refugees. Can you research and write about any more famous refugees explaining why they are a refugee and why they are famous.


Day 4: Slide 11, read about the food refugees have brought to this country. Research more foods and where they have come from.


Day 5: Now you know more about refugees, investigate and explain why and how we help them in this country and what is being done around the world to stop the problems arising.