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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’


English Task – Week 7


This week’s English tasks are all based around the Mental Health awareness theme of kindness. The children will watch a couple of videos during the week which will make them reflect on what it is to be kind and how we can affect others around us by being kind.


Day 1: I want you to write down what you think being kind is. Then write about an example of this type of kindness.

Next, watch the short clip and tell me if your idea of kindness was mentioned in the video and what example was used.

Clip -


Day 2: Watch the new short clip. I would like you to use descriptive language to tell me about what happens in the story of the short clip.

Clip -


Day 3: Watch the clip again and explain why and how everything is turning into colour. Use descriptive language to help explain the acts of kindness and why they would spread happiness.


Day 4: Explain to me in what ways, when we get back to school, can we bring happiness to everyone. This could be a kind action, a weekly prize or even changing seats at lunchtime so everyone becomes friends.


Day 5: Write about the acts of kindness you have done throughout the week and the impact this had on the people you did this to.