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A letter for the children to start your topic week...

English 23.03.20

Every two weeks I will be providing a book to base a project on. This is how we usually conduct our topic and English work so children are familiar with this concept. You can explore this in several ways, using these suggested ideas as a guide. Please encourage your children to choose the activities that interest them the most. I would love to see what you are doing so it would be nice to see some of the work they have produced at the end of each week. I would appreciate it if you sent pictures of their favourite bits of work so we can celebrate their learning on our website and to help motivate them. I’m sure the children would like to see what each other are doing.


I have also added other English, Topic and Art activities alongside this so it might take you longer than a week to get into this project. There is no expectation that this should be finished within a week, especially as things are changing everyday and the children’s wellbeing always comes first. Don’t be afraid to take a break from these tasks and come back to them. I hope that you have fun working together on this project.  


The book we will focus on this week is Meerkat Mail. I understand that some of you might not have this book at home, so I have added some links with the story read aloud.