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English Task – Week 6


This week’s English task will start by using the writing prompts. These will help the children to practice the writing skills they have learnt throughout the year so far. Such as expanded noun phrases, adverbs, conjunctions and prepositions. Whilst making sure they are spelling and punctuating correctly and making an effort to have really neat handwriting.

After that, you will watch a short animated clip (below) about an old shoe shop owner who is facing competition from a new shoe maker. You will need to think about what is happening in the film as there are no words.


Day 1: Use the writing prompts to practice your writing skills. Make sure you are using complex sentences with powerful language that would make it exciting to read.


Day 2: Watch the short clip. I would like you to use descriptive language to tell me about the old shoe maker, the shop he owns and the shoes he makes.


Day 3: Explain how the ways in which the new shoe maker was trying to steal the customers of the old shoe maker. Tell me who you would buy your shoes from and why? Does it make a difference if the person selling you shoes seems a nice person or not?


Day 4: Watch the clip. Tell me how the old shoemaker gets rid of the new shoemaker and with whose help. Now I would like you to come up with your own plan of how to get rid of the new shoemaker.


Day 5: Think of a fairy tale which involves shoes. Describe to me what happens in the fairy tale. Now explain the similarities or differences between the animated clip and the fairy tale.


Still image for this video