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Animated clip

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English Task – Week 5


This week’s English task will involve watching the short animated clip above. You will need to think about what is happening in the clip before using descriptive language to explain this. Then, think about the story or message the clip is trying to tell us. You need to focus on the skills you have learnt during guided reading to help identify the important parts of the clip.


Day 1: Watch the short clip. Describe what you are seeing in the story. Think about the order of what is happening.


Day 2: Watch the short clip again. This time describe what you think the message of the story is and what it is trying to tell us. Use your inferencing skills from guided reading. Tell me why might the small birds doing this?


Day 3: Explain how you would feel if you were the big bird and were being treated like it is by the smaller birds. Use descriptive language to describe each occasion where the big bird is treated badly. If you were the big bird how would you feel about what happened to the smaller birds at the end?


Day 4: What would you do if you saw or have seen someone being treated like this in school? Think about what we have talked about in PSHE about this.


Day 5: Think of a suitable title to this animated clip that indicates what might happen in it and what topic it is related to. Write a sequel to this clip using the same characters showing how their relationship could change to one of friendship.