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English Task – Week 4


This week’s English task will involve watching a short animated clip, from the link below. You will write about the short clip using the descriptive skills we have learnt throughout the year, such as expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, conjunctions and prepositions.


Day 1: Watch the short clip. Describe the setting of the clip (where it is and what is around), the characters involved and any items/objects that are important to the story.


Day 2: Tell me about what happens in the story, from the meerkats point of view, using descriptive language. Make sure it is in time order, thinking about what you need to use in your writing to do this.


Day 3: Explain the feelings of the characters involved throughout the clip. A few suggestions for you to think about are; why did they do something? How did this make them or others feel? How do they feel when they see other characters? How have the feelings changed from the start of the clip to the end?


Day 4: Use your imagination to create direct speech between the meerkats and the vulture. Pick 3 key points of the short clip to do this for. Think about the language and punctuation you need to use to let people know there is a conversation happening.


Day 5: Write your own short story about a day in the life of your favourite animal. Demonstrate using paragraphs accurately to highlight different points of your story. The story needs to be exciting and descriptive.