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Updated: 20.4.20


Week 3


This week our work is going to be based around the short animation that is linked below. I want you to think back to all the descriptive skills we have learnt this year: similes, metaphors, personification, prepositional phrases, and adverbials, try to use as many of these as you can this week!


Monday: Click on the link below to watch the animation 'Broken'.

Think about the game ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’. In your own words, tell me what you think this video is about? What is happening? Who are the characters? Does it remind you of anything?


Tuesday: Imagine that you are Rock and you have just seen Paper for the first time. Now have a go at writing a description of her. Think about what she looks like, what she’s wearing, what she reminds you of. Can you smell her or hear her? Why do you want to help her? Try to use some similes and metaphors.


Wednesday: There is no speech in this clip so today have a go at writing the dialogue between Rock and Paper when he tries to persuade her to come with him. Remember those success criteria that we’ve learnt in class:


Thursday: Today I want you to imagine one of the characters homes – it’s your choice. I want you to describe their home in detail. Think about where it is, what they’ve got in it, what it’s made out of, where it might be close to. You may want to draw their home first to help you imagine it. Try to use some prepositions and personification.


Friday: Imagine that you are Paper at the end of the video and that you have just woken up on the grass ledge. How do you feel? What can you see? Describe your surroundings in detail. Remember to use as many of the descriptive features as you can!


Extra activities:

  • Create models of each character out of suitable materials, e.g. origami for Paper and playdough for Rock.
  • Create a wanted poster for Scissors.