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English Task Week 1


For week 1 task I would like the children to create a leaflet on the Stone Age village of Skara Brae. The children should include relevant facts about when the village was used, how they made the houses, the way the villagers lived their lives and drawings of the village to illustrate how the village looked.


Day 1: Research the village of Skara Brae and take notes on all the relevant information.

Day 2: Plan the structure of your leaflet. Think of key sub topics and sub ideas. Leave spaces for some drawings.

Day 3: Write the first of your sub topics, making sure to edit your work as you go along.

Day 4: Finish off writing your sub topics and editing.

Day 5: Draw, colour and label pictures where necessary.


Create your own Stone Age village using any craft materials, such as papier-mâché.