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Eagle - Mr Warner (Year 3)

Welcome to Eagle Class

This page is intended to give you an overview of the routines in Year 3 with useful information. We will also post photographs and examples of work throughout the year. We hope that you will find it useful.


Teaching Team

Class Teacher: Mr Warner

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Deabill




Our PE this year will be taking place on Wednesday. However please make sure your child has their PE kits in everyday in case of timetable changes. Could all clothing also be clearly named to avoid anything getting lost. 


28th February 2022


Superhero Day.

We had four different activities during the day. First we trained to be a Superhero. We had to run as fast as we could over a distance. Then we had to do a standing jump. After that we were lifting kettle bells and then an agility number game.

Our next activity was Code breaking. We had to find the letter that corresponded with a number and crack the code.

Next we did some pop art. We chose a word and made it colourful. Our last activity was drawing a superhero and colouring it in.


We made Egyptian masks from clay and then painted them for our topic.




We had a sports coach for P.E today. He is going to teach us how to play cricket. Today we were learning how to throw and catch the ball. We had a partner and had to run to different cones and then throw the ball to each other. He told us how to stand when catching the ball and how to throw under and over arm.


Yesterday we wrote letters to Santa. Today we were really excited as Santa wrote a letter back. ⛄️


Outdoor learning.

We collected some twigs and red leaves from the garden area. We made some Egyptian flags using them.


Outdoor Learning.


Today we had a treasure hunt, we had to find different colour leaves, shapes and berries. We then had a sheet with the alphabet on and had to find things to fill our sheet. We collected a leaf and made leaf stick puppets. 



Outdoor Learning.


First we collected different colour leaves. Then we used them to make hair for our pictures. Some made hedgehogs and even a butterfly. We made some stick men. 


Outdoor Learning

We made animals and faces from salt dough. We used materials that we found in the garden area. Some of us put them on the trees and some left them on cardboard. We had lions, rabbits, hedgehogs and owls. We had great fun but did get a bit messy.


We have been making the most of the weather this afternoon. We have collected materials from the garden area and have made a collage using them. Some made a tree, some made animals and some made a house.