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Topic: The Land That Time Forgot- Dinosaurs

WB 16.03.20

Buzzard class started to read Tyrannosaurus Drip this week, in the story a Duckbill Dinosaur’s egg had been taken and planted into a T-Rex’s nest. Upon this part of the story we received a letter from Dino Mama, who informed us that she had lost her egg and needed our help. Buzzard class were eager to help Dino Mama find her egg, so we decided to come up with questions to help us embark on this quest. We thought about the information we needed to help us find the egg and what we wanted to learn about dinosaurs. To find answers to our questions we sent letters to Dino Mama. We also built some contraptions to help us and made sure we would be prepared if we were to come across a real life dinosaur on our hunt! 🦕 

After receiving this breaking news, we ran to get our tools and headed straight to the field. There we found footprints that we followed that helped us practise counting to 20! Isaac was lucky enough to find an egg all cosy in a nest in our forest school area. We opened the egg to find a tiny dinosaur!


Whilst you are doing your home learning do you think that you could write me some instructions on how to look after a dinosaur egg? I am looking after it whilst you are all at home and need to make sure I keep it nice and safe. Once you are finished send in your instructions and I will add them to this page!


I would also like you to think about your favourite dinosaur and make me a poster all about this kind of dinosaur- here are some questions to get you started... What do they eat? Are they are carnivore, omnivore or a herbivore? Where would you have found them? When did they live? What do they look like?