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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Day Two

Session One: Wellbeing

Session Two: English- Using one armed robot letters

One-armed robot letters are: b, h, k, m, n, p and r.

They always start by going straight down, up and over. Most of these letters have a curve, except for the letter k.


Activity 1: Writing one-armed robot letters

Draw a chart like the one below and fill it in using only things that start with one-armed robot letters.

The first one has been done for you.




Session Three: Maths- Ordering objects to 100 



Cosmic Kids Yoga Session


Outdoor Learning 

Follow on from our previous session...

Show children a picture of a bee. Can they help to label the different parts e.g. head, thorax, abdomen, antenna, eyes, and wing. How many eyes does a honeybee have? 5!


Busy Bees

Learning the Body Parts of a Honey Bee!!


  • Model a minibeast using clay and natural materials OR
  • Create a picture on the ground of a minibeast using natural materials OR
  • Sketch a picture of a minibeast on paper