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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Day Two

Session One: Wellbeing and English

Using Long Ladder Letters

Long ladder letters are the letters: l, t, u, y, i and j.

Some of them have a single straight line, like l and some are a little more complicated, like t.
Some of them even contain a curve, like u and y.

Watch the Bitesize video to find out more.


Activity 1: Let's write long ladder letters



Activity 3: Writing a postcard to a sports person

Who is your favourite sports person?

Let's write a postcard to them.

Think about what you will say to them. You could tell them about a sport you've been playing or maybe one you've been thinking about recently. You might have some questions for them too.

  • Start your postcard with a greeting like Dear, To, Hi, Hello.
  • Introduce yourself to them.
  • Tell them why you are writing.
  • Ask them some questions.
  • End your postcard with From, Bye, See you.

Once you've finished, highlight or circle all the long ladder letters in your writing.


Session Two: Maths- Counting to 100



Spanish numbers 1-10 for children

Numbers Song in Spanish. Canción de los números de BASHO & FRIENDS

Session Three: Spanish Numbers  

Watch the video on Bitesize from Manchester City striker Sergio Agüero showing you how to count up to 12 in Spanish.


Watch this song from the Lingo show on CBeebies and practise counting to three by singing along.


Session Four: Outdoor learning