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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Day Three

Session One: Wellbeing and English

Here are some examples of how to be kind to others and yourself, can you create your own 7 days of kindness timetable?


English-Using Phonics to develop vocabulary


1. Play the 'Tricky Word Endings' mini game on Small Town Superheroes.


Activity 1: Let's find some endings

Get your favourite book or a book you enjoy reading.

Look at the words in the book and see how many words you can spot that use the following endings: er, ed, es, ll and ly.

Can you find 3 words for each ending?




Activity 2: Finding out about rubbish

What do you think happens to our rubbish? Watch the video on Bitesize and then try the activity. 

Were there many words you were unfamiliar with in that video?

Can you write them?


Activity 3: Let's create a list

When you go shopping, you will notice that food and drink comes in lots of different packaging.

Have a look online or in your kitchen and try listing items you have into the following sections:



Once you've completed your list, pick five items from your list and write sentence for them.

Make sure you use at least one of the following word endings in each of your sentences: er, ed, es, ll, or ly.

Use capital letters and punctuation correctly.

For example: Baked beans are tightly packed into a tin can.










Session Two: Maths- Doubles




Session 3: Science- Basic Forces

Session Four: Outdoor learning- Maths


Activity 1 - Numeracy (10 mins):


  • Count to 20 altogether slowly…faster…even faster! (or in different voices…low, high, grumpy, excited)
  • Count around in a circle each person saying one number up to 20
  • Can we count backwards from 20 down to 1 altogether?
  • Show me these numbers using your fingers... 7, 4, 1, 3
  • Go and find five natural objects. Find a space. Order them from shortest to longest.



Activity 2 - Numeracy (10 mins):


  • Today we are going to start by counting in 10s to 100. Repeat going faster each time! Then add the following actions.
    • 10 tap knees
    • 20 tap shoulders
    • 30 tap head
    • 40 stick one hand out
    • 50 stick the other hand out. Repeat the sequence up to 100.
  • On the playground, ask children to draw ten of something e.g. 10 flowers, 10 cars, 10 stick people.
  • Give each child 10 pieces of pasta and a piece of A4 paper with two circles drawn on it. Tell children to split their pasta between the two circles. How many pieces are in the first circle? How many are in the second circle? How many pieces altogether? Encourage children to record their additions in the space below.