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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Day Three

Activity One: Keepy Uppy Challenge- How many can you do in 60 seconds? 

If you do not have a ball try it with a pair of socks, an orange, or a toy. 


Activity Two: Obstacle Course Time!

You will need to create your own obstacle course: You can use the poster for inspiration.

Be as creative as you can, combine different elements (crawling underneath something, jumping over an object, changing direction etc.)


The only rule for this activity is to have fun! 




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Grey Lake 

Well done team Hale for another successful day! They have been taking on challenges together and enjoyed creating their obstacle course in the garden. You have been very creative and Charlie and his sister did so well completing this!

Charlie Obstacle Course

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Charlie's sister takes on the obstacle course

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Well done team Walters for another successful day in our virtual sports week! Dad even gave it a try too so earns an extra point for the team! We love the beautiful back drops to your photos. 


Team Walters

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Well done Harry for completing todays activities! I love your obstacle course incorporating football into your sequence!

Harry- Obstacle Course

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Well done Ella and Daniel for creating such an awesome obstacle course and Daniel for doing 4o keepy uppies in 60 seconds! 

Greylake 3B bubble successfully took part in the keepy up challenge today. Well done Ellie-Mai, Libby and Archie.
Greylake children in  3B bubble helped plan an obstacle course and enjoyed participating in it.  


Swellwood children in 3B bubble joined in with the keepy uppy challenge. Well done Katie, Jed, Darcey and Danny

Swellwood 3B children enjoyed designing and participating in the obstacle course.


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Ham Wall

Lilly-Mai did an obstacle course in the house. It consisted of 5 star jumps, crawling under the table, balancing on the bench, weaving in and out of pillows, running up and down the stairs and sprinting through the house at the end. 


She also managed 11 keepy ups in the 60 seconds. Awesome job Lilly-Mai! 


Well done Matthew for creating an awesome obstacle course! I am so pleased you enjoyed todays activity and your dinosaurs were there to cheer you on smiley.

Well done Fred and Euan for getting involved with todays activities! Keep up the great work.