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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Day Three


Today I have added a comprehension to learn all about Earth Day. This is something that I have not heard of before so I will also be finding out more about this occasion. I am going to put what I have learnt into a poster, do you think you could too? I might also have a go at the acrostic poem, I am not going to use the resource provided because I do not have a printer, instead I am going to make my own on paper and share it with you smiley. I look forward to seeing what you do too! 

Miss Crowe 


I have been busy creating my own acrostic poem this morning! Here is my finished piece. Have you tried writing your own poem?

If you are finding writing a poem difficult, could you think of some animals that you think are special on Earth? Maybe you could write about these animals, making sure that you use fantastic adjectives to describe them. 


I can see tiny, bright red ladybirds resting on small green leaves.

I love the elegant, fast dolphins whizzing around the sea. 


I decided to make my poster about Earth Day on PowerPoint today so that I could include pictures instead of using lots of writing. I have learnt more about this day and think it's focus is fantastic. We already have made posters this year to remind people to look after our planet by reusing, reducing, and recycling! We also learnt about what things we can recycle and reuse. smiley