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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Day One

Session 1: Wellbeing Journal and English


English: Using zig-zag letters correctly when writing short sentences.

Zig zag letters are- v, w, x and z.

When writing zig zag letters, remember to keep your lines straight.


Activity 1: Let’s create some zig zag letters

In each section draw each zig zag letter. Fill the section as much as possible. Once you are happy with each letter, you can decorate around the letter.



























Activity 2: Finding some zig zag words

How many words can you think of that use zig zag letters?

Create a list of words that contain each of the zig zag letters.


Here are some examples to start you off:

Vet, win, mix, zip


Zig Zag Words









Activity 3: Let’s write some more sentences

What do you know about the desert?

Watch this short video on Bitesize and then try the activity below.

Imagine you have been to the desert. Write four sentences describing what you saw or what it was like- in each sentence try and include at least one or two zig zag letters.

Session 2: Maths- Position and Direction




Session 3: The Way Back Home- story based task 

The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers


Diary writing

Can you retell the story from the boy's point of view? 

Can you do this in the form of a diary entry? 

Think about how he felt when he found the aeroplane, when he was in space, and when his friend.

Write in the past tense. 

Add detail to make your diary entry interesting to read and unique.



Session 4: Outdoor learning

Take part in our colour scavenger hunt. When you have finished can you use the things you have found to create your own rockets or space scenes? 


Science experiment- craters