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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Day Four

Session One: Wellbeing and English

English- Hansel and Gretel




Character Description

Choose your favourite character in the story to write about...


Session Two: Maths- Number sequences, patterns, and addition



Session Three: Science- Habitats  

What is a habitat?

A habitat is where animals and plants live.

Let's explore the different habitats further by watching the clips about different habitats on Bitesize.


The plants and animals in each habitat need each other to survive.

Most animals and plants live in habitats which they are suited for.

Each habitats provides for the basic needs of different animals and plants which live there.

For example: a fish lives in a pond or ocean habitat and wouldn't survive in a rainforest!


Activity One:


Activity Two:



Can you design and make your very own gingerbread house?